How to Make Money Hosting Niche Events Online

Hosting Niche Events Online
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By deeply focusing on a clear niche, hosting interactive virtual events tailored to them, building hype through niche community outreach and continuously improving with attendee feedback – you can generate meaningful revenue even with relatively small but passionate niche audiences.

Do you know that you can make money hosting niche events online?

And guess what?

You don’t have to put any money down to host such events.

If you’re looking to raise funds for an event before the actual day of the event, then this would work perfectly.

There is a website that does this easily for you, and the name of that website is Eventbrite.

They also have a mobile app to help you keep things handy when on the move.

So, why Eventbrite?

Well, Eventbrite is the default go-to for people looking to join local events.

Most people who are looking for weekend getaways, local events or things to do, use Eventbrite.

I use them too.

Whenever I travel to a new location, I usually search for things to do in that location, and Eventbrite comes in handy.

Whenever I search for “things to do” in a particular location, Eventbrite shows up with a lot of interesting events.

You can try it out.

Just Google “things to do” in a particular location.

E.g. Things to do in Lokoja, Things to do in Ibadan, Things to do in Ikeja.

A lot of interesting events would be suggested to you.

Here are some tips for making money by hosting niche events online:

So, why Eventbrite?

Eventbrite helps you organize your local events, from timing to ticketing, etc.

You could use the platform to even raise money before the date of the events, and you’d be organizing your events with no money down.

Just imagine holding a seminar and getting all seats booked and paid for before the event date.

It would help you get the venue set, hire the right instructors, and do other logistics necessary to make the event a success.

Who wouldn’t want that?

Types of Events You Could Organize on Eventbrite

You could organize a wide-range of events on Eventbrite and get paid.

You could organize events strictly for your friends and close circle, or go outright for strangers.

here are some ideas:

Expos & Exhibition

Expos are a great way to make inroads in your industry.

If you’re an expert in your industry, you could create expos that invite others to come exhibit their products and services.

Many people would be willing to pay a small fee just to attend and showcase their business.

Networking & Meetups

I look forward to networking events whenever I travel to a new place, and I’m quite sure that many other people do the same.

You could create niche networking and meetup events for people in your industry or profession.

I’ve seen meetups for doctors, meetups for software engineers, and even meetups for digital marketers.

Attendees only have to pay a small fee to attend such events, which could help them grow their network.

Beach Parties

During festive periods in Nigeria, beach parties are one of the favorite events you could find.

Strangers and friends alike try to mingle and enjoy the festivities.

I’ve discovered that many of these beach events are organized by clusters of unfamiliar people.

It’s not unheard of to see beach parties for Facebook groups, university departments, or even people living within the same communities.

You could find your own cluster and organize a beach party in one of the coming festive seasons.

Monetizing your Eventbrite Events

Apart from charging a fee to participants, there are many ways to make money from your Eventbrite events.

You could invite vendors to pay a fee to be able to market their products on the day of the event.

If you manage to pull a large event, you could also get brands to advertise with you to create brand awareness at the event or to sell their products and services.

Many brands even sponsor events that are related to their industry or target market. This way, they get access to showcase their brand or create awareness.

Another tips for making money by hosting niche events online:

1. Identify your niche audience and area of expertise. Whether its yoga, photography, investing or vegan cooking, build events for a specific community you understand well. Their interests, common goals and pain points.

2. Determine pricing carefully. Consider costs to run events and platforms needed (like Zoom), but also the niche value. Both high and low pricing could deter attendance. Offer early bird and multi-event discounts.

3. Promote through niche communities. Share events on related membership sites, niche-specific forums, community Facebook groups, influencer accounts. Promotion is crucial for establishing a consistent audience. Leverage affiliates.

4. Recruit relevant speakers and guests. Who are well known experts in the niche that would attract other community members to attend events? What value do their insights offer attendees? Comp speakers with promotion and affiliate commissions.

5. Drive added revenue with recordings/merch. Package events into replayable video products or merchandise people can buy if they enjoyed and want more to remember events, even if they didn’t initially attend.

6. Conduct polls and interviews with attendees to finetune offerings. Keep improving the events experience through feedback on optimal pricing, formats, activity types, speakers, topics and platforms.

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