20 Ultimate Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria Easily

Money Online In Nigeria
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Nigeria boasts the biggest economy in Africa with a continuously growing GDP. However, despite this achievement, the country is currently struggling with a challenging situation – a high rate of inflation known as “sapedemic” which has caused the Naira to lose value.


Additionally, the unemployment rate is at approximately 10%. Nevertheless, the article suggests that individuals can still benefit from the thriving gig economy in Nigeria by exploring different skill sets and utilizing online platforms to earn money.

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Hence, the article aims to guide readers on how to monetize their abilities and make an income through online platforms in Nigeria.

20 Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria

In order to earn an income online while staying in the comfort of your own home in Nigeria, you will require a computer and a reliable internet connection. By reading further, you can discover various methods to make money within Nigeria.

1 Teach Online

Becoming an online tutor is a feasible way to earn some extra money, especially if you are proficient in foreign languages or possess expertise in art or mathematics.

Whether you prefer conducting webinars with a group of students or providing one-on-one guidance, there are various online platforms like UpskillTutor and Tutor.ng that allow you to connect with potential students who need academic assistance.

2 Real Estate Investment

To enhance your income streams, you may consider investing in real estate as you accumulate more savings. For those who are new to this type of investment, REITs can be a dependable option.

These investment vehicles offer a way to invest in real estate without having to own or manage property directly.

Data Entry

Data entry can be a lucrative opportunity for individuals who have an eye for detail. As a student, you may already have experience in sorting through large datasets for various projects.

You can explore data research and data entry tasks that fall under broader project categories. The pay for these tasks may vary depending on the project.

4 Sell Your Art Work & Photos Online

Utilize your creativity and artistic skills to earn some extra income by selling your photos and artwork online. If you are a photographer, consider uploading your pictures on websites like Unsplash to reach a vast audience.

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Also, you can sell your artwork in both digital and physical forms. Social media is a powerful tool that can help you promote your artwork and attract new customers.

5 Set Up a Podcasting Platform

Nowadays, it is possible to make money by sharing your thoughts and ideas with the world through podcasting. Starting your podcast allows you to create engaging content for a global audience.

You can earn revenue from various sources such as paid advertisements, listener donations, and premium episodes. Just ensure that you deliver high-quality production value to stand out from the competition.

6 Become an Audiobook Narrator

If you have a unique and captivating voice, you can take up online projects to narrate audiobooks or record voiceovers for branded content and commercials.

To succeed in this field, you should be able to deliver different tones such as conversational, authentic, friendly, and approachable.

Narrating audiobooks is a lucrative way to earn some extra money on the side.

7 Offer Proofreading Service

Proofreading is an excellent way to generate passive income. It’s a flexible option, but not everyone is cut out for it. To be a successful proofreader, you need a sharp eye for detail and a strong understanding of the language.

This side hustle is suitable for anyone, including college students, working professionals, and stay-at-home parents.

8 Transcribe For Companies

Transcription can be a profitable side hustle if you have the ability to listen and type quickly. Platforms like TranscribeMe offer the opportunity to earn up to $25 an hour. To maximize your earnings, it’s important to have strong language skills.

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9 Become a Language Translator

If you’re fluent in more than one language, you can earn money by offering translation services online. There is a high demand for language services in a variety of industries, including content, travel, tourism, and medicine.

You can find short-term translation work on freelancing websites or seek out long-term partnerships with translation agencies. This side hustle can be done in your spare time and can provide additional income.

10 Start Freelancing

You can earn additional income by offering freelance content services. Websites such as Upwork and Fiverr offer a variety of gigs in copywriting, content writing, SEO, and social media marketing that can be completed in just a few hours.

11 Participate In Online Surveys

Another way to earn rewards is by answering online surveys. This not only provides freebies or coupons but also helps businesses to improve their products based on consumer feedback.

12 Become a Tester For Websites & Applications

Testing apps and websites is another side hustle that can earn you extra money. Many online platforms incentivize users to share feedback, making it a quick and easy way to earn additional income.

13 Create an eBook

Writing ebooks is a convenient marketing tool for individuals and businesses, and it can also generate passive income. To create an ebook, you should identify your target audience and your area of expertise.

You can then host your ebook on different platforms for a nominal price and create a stream of passive income.

14 Start E-commerce Business

One of the most popular ways to earn money online in Nigeria is by selling products on the internet. You can start by either buying products wholesale or thrift items from your own home to sell on various platforms.

It is essential to feature your products on multiple marketplaces to increase visibility. With the right strategy and hard work, you can even expand your business into a reseller business.

15 Social Media Marketing

The demand for social media marketing is rising, and businesses are always looking for professionals with creative ideas and an analytical mindset to execute their digital marketing campaigns.

With a flair for writing and some analytical skills, you can earn thousands of dollars every month as a social media marketer.

There is a minimum investment required to get started, and you can choose the projects you want to work on once you gain enough skills and experience.

16 Become a Social Media Influencer

Another way to make money online in Nigeria is by becoming a social media influencer. You can build an audience on social media platforms and collaborate with brands for sponsorships, brand deals, and collaborations.

It is no longer necessary to have hundreds of thousands of followers to be an influencer; brands are willing to work with micro-influencers as well.

However, it requires consistency in content creation and a decent production setup to get started.

17 Start Investing in Dollars

With the rising inflation rates and inaccessible banks, investing in dollars can be an excellent alternative to centralized financial institutions.

These digital assets can act as a hedge against inflation and can provide substantial returns in the long term. Beginners can explore stablecoins as a low-risk investment option.

18 Create Digital Courses

Upskilling is essential in today’s job market, and creating an online course can be a great way to monetize your knowledge and expertise.

Choose the right subject matter, test your idea extensively, and provide value to your community to make money.

Platforms like Udemy can help you generate passive income from your online courses.

19 Start a YouTube Channel

Nigerians have come to master the art of making money online by creating video content and uploading them to their YouTube Channels.

It’s pertinent to note that you can generate a serious passive income on a monthly basis from YouTube. All you have to do is learn the ropes of how the YouTube algorithm works, and the procedures involved in YouTube SEO.

Recording and uploading creative, engaging, and educational videos will earn you both quality subscribers and revenue.

20 Start a Blog

Blogging is a very lucrative means of income in Nigeria. You may not understand how it works, but you can become a full-blown blogger and generate $55,000 in 6 months by clicking HERE!

What it means to blog is to publish written content on a website that’s either paid (like WordPress) or free like Blogger.com.

See 7 Best Free Blogging Platforms to get started with your blogging journey. But we always prefer opting for the paid option which is WordPress in order to gain 100% control over how your blog functions.

You can generate revenue through display ads (Google AdSense), guest posts, affiliate marketing, writing gigs, selling digital products, etc.


Okay! Here we go, we have given you 20 ways to make money online in Nigeria. However, this may not be all that there is about making money online in Nigeria.

As such, you can get started with the list we have discussed in this blog post. It is also possible to combine 3 – 4 of the methods mentioned in the list; that means you can be a blogger, YouTuber, freelancer, content creator, etc at the same time.

Congratulations on your first revenue!



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