Making Money Sites In Nigeria

Making Money Sites In Nigeria To Earn $100 Daily Instantly

Making Money Sites In Nigeria: Knowing the websites to make money online in Nigeria passively is another way to maintain a perpetual financial flow and give you the peace of mind to explore other important endeavors. It does not matter who and where you are, as far as you have a smartphone with an internet connection, you can start making money from the sites we will explain in this post.

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6 Making Money Sites In Nigeria To Earn 0 Daily

#1 Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing

You can start publishing books on Amazon and earn as much as $100 today. If you need a site to begin your passive income venture online, Amazon KDP is one of the significant websites in the world you can leverage right away.

The awesome thing about this platform is that you don’t even need to write these books yourself or outsource them, with a simple strategy, you can create and upload 15 – 25 pages of MS Word document within 30 minutes without writing a single paragraph.

If you are in Nigeria, Amazon KDP is a trending online business that almost every young person out there wants to join, because the results people get are obviously profitable. You can know how Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing works and how to create your account to get started.

To be successful in Amazon KDP depends on the strategy you implement, and utilizing the wrong method or hack can make you struggle in the business endlessly.

#2 Learnoflix Affiliate Program

Learnoflix Affiliate Program is another top-notch site to get started if you are looking for making money sites in Nigeria. Learnoflix is an affiliate marketing platform that can guarantee you a minimum of $100 daily.

The platform was founded by Sam Harvard who is one of the finest entrepreneurs in Nigeria the likes of Toyin Omotosho of Expertnaire, Akin Alabi of NairaBet, and others. He is a foremost business growth expert, author, speaker, and software entrepreneur based in Dubai.

The Learnoflix platform will give you access to courses worth over $5000 that you can go through for free. Hence, you will learn, earn, and go on vacations. There is a detailed on everything you need to know about Learnoflix Affiliate Program.

#3 Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the largest freelancing websites in the world. Fiverr is where a set of skilled individuals known as freelancers go to register and set up their profiles in order to attract jobs from clients around the world.

The website is similar to, PeoplePerHour, Upwork, and others. Before you get started with Fiverr, you must be skilled in anything; like graphics designing, copywriting, web development/design, proofreading, translation, blog post writing, SEO, etc.

You simply register and set up your portfolio in a way it’s professionally perceived by your potential clients, and you must be punctual in your delivery so as to attract more clients through recommendations.

#4 SproutGigs (Formerly Picoworkers)

SproutGigs is a freelancing website Nigerians can also partake in and make some decent income daily. It was formerly Picoworkers, however, the name has been changed, possibly bought by another company.

It’s very simple to get started, all you have to do is register and set up your account. You have the option to switch or toggle between “worker” and “employer,” which means you can either post a job for people to perform the required task you have for them or carry out the tasks others have for you.

On SproutGigs, you can find jobs or tasks with a payout as high as $2.5 per completed job. So, imagine completing 40 of those tasks daily, you will be earning $100 every day!

When you register and complete your profile, the next thing you would do is navigate to the “Find Jobs” green button, click on it and scan through to pick your preferred jobs. You can filter the minimum payout you want per task completed. Immediately after completing a task, submit the proof, and get paid when it’s approved.

#5 Proficient Workers

Proficient Workers is also a freelancing website created specifically for the Nigerian audience. Your job on this platform is to search for jobs that befit your desire and perform the tasks required, then afterward you get paid when the task is completed, submitted, and approved by your employer.

This website is similar to SproutGigs in its operations. However, the only difference is that the former pay in Naira currency, while the latter pays in US dollars, and both of them run on different terrains.

#6 Terawork

Terawork is a sophisticated freelancing platform designed with Africans in mind. If you have skills in any area, then go ahead and create your account. When you have completed your registration, set up your portfolio.

The freelancing website works just like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, and the like. To get gigs from clients, you may want to offer mouthwatering promos that will put your services in the very eyes of people that would likely order your expertise.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, 6 sites to make money online in Nigeria! All these money-making websites in Nigeria listed in this post have their own particular challenges in some way, you wouldn’t want to expect 100% hassle-free operations.

Finally, you can earn up to $100 daily depending on your strategy and input. All of these will require work on your part, they are not automated to make you money while you sleep except you put in the needed energy.

I hope this article served its purpose, be that as it may, you are free to suggest more lists of sites Nigerians can make money from in the comment section and we will gladly update the post. Please kindly share this post with your friends and family, thank you!


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