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NBA YoungBoy Net Worth 2023: Effortless Rags to Riches

NBA YoungBoy net worth is believed to be $6.5 million as of September 2023. His music journey has led to a significant increase in wealth, with hit albums and singles, profitable tours, merchandise sales, and endorsement partnerships.

Who Is NBA YoungBoy?

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden, the artist better known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, or simply NBA YoungBoy, has firmly established himself as a prominent figure in American rap.

During the years spanning 2015 to 2017, he unleashed a torrent of creativity, sharing eight independent mixtapes that steadily cultivated a devoted following. In August 2017, Gaulden inked a pivotal deal with Atlantic Records, propelling his career to new heights.

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NBA YoungBoy Early Life

NBA YoungBoy’s origin story begins in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on October 20, 1999. His early years were marked by a traumatic incident when, as a young child, he suffered a neck injury while wrestling.

The road to recovery demanded a head brace to support his healing spine, a relic that left permanent scars etched on his forehead.

NBA YoungBoy Net Worth

In the absence of his father, who was serving a daunting 55-year prison sentence, Gaulden found refuge in the care of his maternal grandmother, Alice Gaulden.

His educational path took an unconventional turn when he made the challenging decision to discontinue formal schooling in the ninth grade.

It was during a stint in juvenile detention following a robbery charge, that he began to channel his energy into the art of lyricism, setting the stage for his debut project.

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Music Career Journey

The inaugural mixtape, “Life Before Fame,” emerged in April 2015, marking the beginning of an impressive musical journey. This initial offering was soon followed by a string of mixtapes, including “Mind of a Menace,” “Mind of a Menace 2,” and “Mind of a Menace 3.”

In 2016, the release of “38 Baby” solidified his presence, featuring collaborations with notable Baton Rouge rappers such as Kevin Gates and Boosie Badazz. Notably, “38 Baby” achieved commercial success, ascending to the 24th position on the Billboard 200 chart.

In 2017, YoungBoy made a big move by signing with Atlantic Records. His first full album, “Until Death Calls My Name,” came out in January 2018. This album started strong, landing at number 7 on the Billboard 200 chart and eventually earning platinum status according to the RIAA.

Since then, YoungBoy has dropped five more albums, each one achieving either platinum or gold recognition.

YoungBoy has also seen several of his singles make their mark in the top-ten rankings, such as “Outside Today,” “Bandit,” and “Let Me Know.” He even snagged two Grammy Award nominations, including one for Best Rap Performance with “Bandit.”

Now, YoungBoy’s career hasn’t been without its share of legal entanglements. He’s found himself in trouble on multiple occasions, facing charges like robbery, assault, and illegal possession of weapons. Currently, he’s dealing with a federal gun charge.

Despite these legal woes, YoungBoy has managed to keep a strong following. He boasts a dedicated fan base, and his music stands out for its intense emotion and candid authenticity.

NBA YoungBoy Personal Life

NBA YoungBoy has faced many challenges in his personal life. He’s had several run-ins with the law, including arrests for things like robbery, assault, and carrying weapons.

Right now, he’s dealing with a serious federal gun charge. He’s also been in the spotlight for some troubling domestic violence situations.

Back in 2018, YoungBoy got arrested for domestic violence after supposedly using a gun against his girlfriend, Yaya Mayweather. He got out on bail at first but ended up back behind bars because he didn’t stick to the release conditions. He was eventually sentenced to 14 months in prison but got out early in 2020.

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Then, in 2021, YoungBoy found himself in another domestic violence case. This time, it was about allegedly physically hurting his girlfriend, Drea Symone. He was released on bail once again but got arrested once more for breaking the release terms. Currently, he’s in jail, waiting for his trial.

On top of all this legal stuff, YoungBoy had to cope with the tragic loss of his close friend, Lil Phat. Lil Phat was a local rapper who played a big role in YoungBoy’s early career, acting as a mentor. Sadly, Lil Phat was shot and killed in 2017.

NBA YoungBoy Net Worth

In September 2023, the music star is worth around $6.5 million. However, there have been several sources stating that he is worth more than that. Just be informed that this is merely an estimation.

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