Nigeria Custom Shortlisted Candidates 2024: Download List in PDF

Nigeria Customs Screening Date

NCS Shortlisted Candidates – Welcome to the Nigeria Custom Service (NCS) Recruitment Page 2024 for Selected Candidates. This website will explain how to see the NCS Shortlisted Candidates list and download it to your devices, including phones and laptops.

The assessment of the 2024 NCS shortlist is free of charge. You are not required to pay anything. It is critical that you follow the steps given in this post on how to check the Nigeria Custom Service (NCS) Shortlisted candidates 2024.

Due to the length of this page, we have included information about other crucial aspects of the NCS shortlist, such as the most recent update and news about the shortlisted candidates, the NCS portal for shortlisted candidates, and the required screening documents for NCS applicants.

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Please be advised that the list of candidates who have been shortlisted for the Nigeria Custom Service (NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE) Recruitment 2024 will be published shortly. This is not yet public on the portal, but it will be soon.

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NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE Shortlisted Candidates Portal 2024

The NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE platform for shortlisted candidates is You will be able to review the list and complete the relevant documentation through this site. Please keep the correct NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE gateway in mind. This will protect you from unscrupulous people who may clone the NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE shortlisted applicants’ portal and steal your money. During peak recruitment periods, a large number of fraudsters set up fake corporate recruitment portals to steal people’s money. Please proceed with caution.

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How to Check NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE Shortlisted Candidates 2024

Please complete all of the requirements stated below to effectively obtain your names from the Nigeria Customs Shortlisted Candidates List 2023.

  • To access the customs website, click to
  • Enter your email address, application ID, and password to log in.
  • When the dashboard appears, choose the shortlist option.
  • Simply select Download Shortlist.
  • Look for your names on the list after you’ve obtained it.

Documents Required for NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE Screening

Bring along the following items when coming:

  • Original and photocopy of credentials to include National Identification number (NIN) and print out of NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE online application reference slip.
  • Four copies of recent colour passport photograph without cap/hat.
  • Writing materials to include biro, pencils, ruler, notebooks, and file jackets.
  • Three pairs of white (unmarked round neck vests and navy-blue shorts {without
  • stripes)
  • Two pairs of white and black socks.
  • Two pairs of pure black canvas trainers (rubber type NOT acceptable).
  • Two white bed sheets and pillow cases.
  • Two black trousers and white long sleeves shirts.
  • One blanket (grey or army green colour).
  • Two pairs of national dress or suit and casual wear with shoes.
  • Bucket, cutlases and brooms to be purchased on arrival.
  • Some pocket money and toiletries.
  • Mosquito net.

Latest News and Update on NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE Shortlist 2024

Following the completion of the screening examination, another shortlist would be produced, this time containing the names of individuals eligible to participate in the training or interview. Those whose names appear on the NCS Shortlisted candidates list are the only ones who can proceed to the interview locations.

Shortlisted candidates were expected to come to the screening with certain materials such as original and photocopies of their credentials for verification, one (1) short knicker and vest, one brown trouser and white vest for females, two passport photographs, and a nationally accepted means of identification such as a National ID Card, Drivers License, or International Passport during the previous Nigeria Customs Service recruitment exercise.

The prerequisites would be established by the stage of the recruitment process and would be indicated on this page.


This post has presented and practically illustrated how to check and confirm NIGERIA CUSTOM SERVICE shortlisted candidates, as well as the requisite screening documents and the states where the shortlist would be released. If you enjoyed and learned from this essay, please consider doing the following: Share this story on Facebook and Twitter/X, follow us on those platforms, bookmark this page, join our email list, and leave a comment.

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