Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment 2024: How to Apply.

Nigeria Prison Shortlisted Candidates

Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment The Nigeria Prison Service (Now the Nigeria Correctional Service) Recruitment is here upon us again. If you have always been looking for a way to become a Warder in Nigeria, this is the opportunity for you. Read this article to the end and get the requirements right. You can apply right away by following our instructions right.

The Nigeria Prisons service recruitment exercise for this year is free, of course it has always been free. I just thought it will be wise to remind you. Out of agitation and the desire to be employed, some people might fall into the hands of scammers.

In this article on the Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment 2024, we have you covered with all the necessary information that you need to succeed in the recruitment exercise: from application guide, to the different categories to the screening and commencement date as well as the shortlisted candidates, the latest updates and the frequently asked questions.

Facts About the Nigeria Correctional Service

The Nigerian Correctional Service is a branch of the Criminal Justice System that reports to the Ministry of Interior. Nigeria’s Correctional Service is a federal institution. In other words, there is no State Correctional Service in Nigeria. Every Custodial Center is classified as a Federal Facility. The Ministry of Interior and the Civil Defence, Fire, Immigration, and Corrections Board oversee the administration of the Service. The Nigerian Correctional Service Act, 2019, gives the Service operational authority.

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Has Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment Commence?

The Nigeria Prison Service now the Nigeria Correctional Service has not commenced recruitment for 2024. This article is just to provide you with information on the steps to apply for the Nigeria Correctional Service Recruitment 2024 because the Recruitment might commence anytime from now.

The portal for this recruitment will be revealed in this article. It is on this portal that you will register or apply for he recruitment as well as the other documentations that you will do on the portal.

Nigeria Correctional Service Ranks and Salary 2024

The Nigeria Correctional Service likewise has a salary system for their officers. Their compensation is determined by their rank and years of service. The whole salary structure for NCS Officers is shown below.

  • Inspector of Prison (IP) starting from #357,395 to #411,494 (level 6) Prison Assistant (PAI) starting from #296,406 to #374,289 (level 3 – 5)
  • SIP (Senior Inspector of Prisons) salaries range from $483,914 to $567,965 (level 7).
  • From #898,956 to #986,901 (level 8), Assistant Superintendent of Prison (ASPII).
  • Assistant Superintendent of Prisons (ASPI) starting at #939,390 and rising to #1,056,496 (level 9).
  • Deputy Superintendent of Prisons (DSP) from $1,012,592 to $1,143,599 (level 10) Superintendent of Prisons (SP) from $1,094,097 to $1,252,098 (level 11)
  • Assistant Comptroller of Prison (ACP) starting from #1,225,594 to #1,405,499 (level 13) Chief Superintendent of Prison (CSP) starting from #1,158,172 to #1,325,234 (level 12)
  • Deputy Comptroller of Prisons (DCP) starting at $1,619,497 and going up to $1,825,599 (level 14).
  • Comptroller of Prisons (CP) starting at $1,759,991 and ending at $1,966,291 (level 15).
  • Assistant Comptroller General of Prisons (ACGP) starting at $2,272,298 and progressing to $2,464,590 (level 16).
  • Not disclosed Deputy Comptroller General of Prisons (DCGP).
  • Comptroller General of Prisons (CGP) – Unknown.

Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment Requirements, Eligibility and Documents.

The CDFIPB would only hire Nigerians with the necessary qualifications to operate in the country’s jail system.

  • Only Nigerians in good mental health would be considered for recruitment.
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • Male applicants must be 1.65 meters tall, while female applicants must be 1.60 meters tall.
  • Male applicants’ chest measurements cannot be less than 0.87.
  • Before applying, applicants must meet all academic requirements.

How to Apply for Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment 2024

The Civil Defence, Immigration and Prisons Service Board (CDIPB) only conducts online recruiting via their portal.

  • As a result, recruiting for the Nigerian Correctional Service takes place online.
  • is the website address.
  • The application is available at
  • After submitting your application, make sure to print the reference form that you will need to fill out.
  • Never apply for a position that the CDFIPB has advertised more than once.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the location of the official application portal?

All official recruitment information may be found at

  • Is there a price for applying?

Always check the official website for any changes, although there is usually no price.

  • Can I apply for more than one position?

It’s best to limit yourself to one position that matches your qualifications.

  • When will the screening take place?

The dates vary. For updates, check your registered email or the official website.

  • If I failed to meet the deadline. Can I apply again next year?

Yes, there is always the possibility of next year. Keep up to date with their official website.

Major Updates on Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment

No, the NPS Shortlisted Candidates list has not yet been published online; however, if it is, this website will be instantly updated.

The names of those eligible for employment by the Commission would be included on the Nigerian Prisons Service recruitment shortlist. Following the conclusion of the screening process, the shortlist would be made accessible in batches.

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