Novustech Review: Is Novustech Legit? 100% Brutally Honest

Novustech, based on its claim, is set to provide or establish a futuristic income-generating system where individuals worldwide can leverage and make some money for themselves passively while attending to other serious endeavors.

Hence, in this article, we will furnish you with a simple guide of how the platform works, and everything you need to know about its operations. We promise to be 100% honest, brutally so!

What Is Novustech?

Novus Technology is an Online Innovation and Marketing agency company whose predominant and pivotal aims and objectives are to increase product sales of its customers. Novustech also focuses on promoting 22nd-century advanced modern skills by equipping its users with updated modern skills to promote good well-being and life’s standards.


Novustech permits its users to upload their e-books upon proper verification and pay its customers who leverage on promoting their services, sales, and commission bonuses through its advanced affiliate marketing system.

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Novustech Earning Structure

Here are a few of what you enjoy and how you earn on Novustech;

You make up to N5,000 playing games


🔶 Daily Tiktok post – 400NV
🔸 NOVAL SPORT BET – up to N50,000

🔸 DERIV BONUS 2 – N100
🔸 60% Profits on all e-Books sold
🔸 Earnings through staking & Farrming

Key Features of Novu Technology

Noval Market Place:

We allow our users to access our advanced e-Commerce feature in which they can upload their products, skills, goods, and services directly to our website which is visible to thousands of users visiting our website.

Using FEW of their Noval cash as means of payment. Noval cash is given to our users daily upon daily task completion.

E-books Marketing:

We also allow our users who are authors to upload and sell their e-books and texts directly to our website. They earn commissions on each of their eBooks sold and marketed by marketers leveraging on affiliate opportunities presented by our advanced earning system.

22nd Century Modern Skills & Job Opportunities

We have set up a platform that leads & quests our users on an adventure to learn the great values of high-income skills. This idea is of genuine source, below are some of the skills that can be learned and acquired through our advanced innovation. They are ;

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Content Creation
  • Data analysis
  • Smartphone Graphics Design
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Affiliate Marketing

And a lot more to get skilled in. The platform also guarantees you the privilege of getting high-paying jobs directly with these skills.

Noval Sports Bet:

Novustech assures its users the license to participate in sports betting by using its advanced and innovative betting system. Novus users are enabled to stake some of their Noval cash and win Affiliate commissions after winning. We are the only platform that will pay you affiliate commissions without selling.

Novustech Web 3 in Web 2 Features

Novus Technology has invented some decentralized systems and features that give its users access to interact with Web 3 directly in our Web 2 offers, such as a Contract address designated for each user and most importantly, the Staking and Farming feature.

Staking and Farming:

The platform encourages and allows its users and customers earning through our advanced earning system to STAKE their earned income on Novustech. They stake their income on our website for 35 days and EARN/FARM 5% of their previously staked earnings.

For example, A user that stakes N1,000,000 will earn N50,000 Extra after 35 days. It is a brilliant innovative idea to be designed in this space.

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Ways Affiliates and Non-Affiliates Can Earn Money

🔶 Affiliate/Sales commission: The system pays you N4000 per invite you made to purchase and patronize its services and investment scheme.

🔶 Derivatives Sales Commissions: NT pays you N300 per invite for any of your downline invites to patronize its service, and it also pays you N100 as third-generation sales commissions.

🔶 60% Commission On All E-Books Sold: NovusT pays its affiliate marketers 60% commissions on any book they promote and sell successfully, as well as pay its authors 30%.

🔶 Paid Surveys: You have the privilege to participate in the daily surveys on the platform. When you perform tasks you earn N300NV.

🔶 Sharing Sponsored Posts: Novus users can share daily sponsored posts assigned to him or her. You can earn a total of N800 by engaging in its daily adverts for Novus clients and making sales through its advanced e-commerce feature.

Novustech Withdrawal Methods

Novustech pays and rewards its Affiliate users their sales commissions directly into their bank account or in USDT directly into their wallet with a minimum withdrawal of N7,000.

Apart from the modern innovations, features, and unbeatable values given to its customers by using their Noval cash, it also pays its users their Noval cash funds directly into their bank account with automated withdrawals.

Who Is Novustech Meant for?

NovusT is for people ranging from old and young, irrespective of one’s gender and country. The platform is available for every country.

It is for individuals who want to scale up their income, and people looking for other legitimate income streams online by simply making money through networking and through affiliate marketing.

It is also for people who want to acquire and get equipped with the present-day skills that are sufficient to sponsor and encourage the financial prosperity of an individual.

Registration fee costs only ₦5,000 to enjoy every benefit and innovation on Novustech. There is no renewal fee of any kind or hidden fee.

Is Novustech Legit?

There is absolutely no guarantee that this platform will stand the test of time. Now, on a scale of 10, we would rate it 3, with reasons that we have not yet seen testimonials of withdrawal proofs.

It is pertinent to note that this is a 100% Ponzi platform, and it’s best to tread with caution. When you observe a money-making website with unbelievable earning potential, then it’s a red flag.

If you must take the risk of participating on this platform, just note that only affiliates [those involved in referring others to earn referral commissions] are given the topmost priority, and are guaranteed to withdraw.

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If you’re among the lucky people reading this, this will be the best Novustech review you’ll come across, online business becomes way too easy when you’re on the right platform, don’t walk out of this week without scouting for amazing income opportunities.

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