Obi Cubana Net Worth

Obi Cubana Net Worth In Naira ₦480 Billion: Over $600M Asset

In 2023, Obi Cubana net worth in Naira is believed to be around ₦480 Billion [$600 million]. He’s a Nigerian businessperson and creator who’s most famous for starting and owning the Cubana Group.

This company has lots of nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants in Nigeria. Obi Cubana is also the leader of the Cubana Group.

Who Is Obi Cubana?

Obi Cubana, whose real name is Obinna Iyiegbu, is a Nigerian businessman known for his hospitality company called the Cubana Group. This company owns nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants in Nigeria.

Born on April 12, 1975, in Oba, Anambra State, Nigeria, Obi Cubana went to Central Primary School and Dennis Memorial Grammar School in Onitsha. He later attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, and graduated with a degree in Political Science in 1998.

Obi Cubana Net Worth

After finishing university, he moved to Abuja and began working as a real estate agent and event planner. In 2006, he founded the Ibiza Club, which became successful. He expanded his business to other cities and in 2009, he started the Cubana Group. This company is now a major player in the hospitality industry in Nigeria.

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Besides his business activities, Obi Cubana is also a philanthropist. He donates money to various charities and organizations. He’s known for his extravagant lifestyle and often spends time with celebrities and social media influencers.

Remarkable Traits

Obi Cubana has achieved several remarkable things:

  1. He established the Cubana Group, a company in the hospitality sector that possesses a network of nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants across Nigeria.
  2. He played a role in advancing the Nigerian hospitality field.
  3. He generated employment opportunities for numerous individuals in Nigeria.
  4. He provided financial support to diverse charitable causes and organizations.
  5. He’s recognized for his extravagant way of living and his willingness to give back generously.

Business Empire

Obi Cubana is both the creator and leader of the Cubana Group, a company that focuses on hospitality. This group owns a collection of nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants spread across Nigeria. The company began in 2009 and has steadily become one of Nigeria’s prominent names in the hospitality field.

The Cubana Group operates various types of businesses, including:

  1. Nightclubs: These include the Cubana Club situated in Owerri, Imo State, the Cubana Signature found in Abuja, and the Pablo Cubana located in Lagos.
  2. Hotels: The Cubana Group possesses a selection of hotels, including the Grand Cubana Hotels situated in Abuja and Owerri.
  3. Restaurants: The group operates multiple restaurants, like the Opium By Cubana in Owerri and the Montana By Cubana in Lagos.
  4. Real Estate: The Cubana Group is also engaged in real estate development.
  5. FMCG: Recently, the group introduced a new company called Cubana FMCG. This company deals with sales, marketing, and distribution of various products such as beverages, packaged foods, cosmetics, and gadgets.

The Cubana Group’s triumphs extend to providing work opportunities for a large number of Nigerians. Moreover, it significantly contributes to the overall Nigerian economy.

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Philanthropic Deeds

Beyond his business involvements, Obi Cubana is recognized for his philanthropic deeds. He has given financial contributions to multiple charitable causes and groups, including the Red Cross, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), and the Chrisland School Foundation.

Despite this generosity, he is also acknowledged for his opulent way of life and is frequently observed socializing with famous personalities and influencers from social media.

Personal Life

Obi Cubana prefers to keep his personal life private and doesn’t share much about it. What’s known is that he’s married and has four children. He’s deeply devoted to his Catholic faith and frequently participates in church services.

Obi Cubana and Family
Obi Cubana and Family

Known for his luxurious way of living, Obi Cubana often spends time with celebrities and influencers from social media. He’s not only about extravagance, though. He’s also a kind-hearted person who contributes to various charitable causes and groups.

In 2021, Obi Cubana captured attention when he organized an opulent funeral for his mother in Oba, Anambra State. The ceremony attracted thousands, including numerous famous figures and politicians.

Some criticized the event’s grandeur, but Obi Cubana defended it, explaining that it was his means of showing respect for his mother’s memory.

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Obi Cubana’s personal life holds more details:

  • His wife goes by the name Ebele Iyiegbu.
  • His children are named Obinna Jr., Gabriella, Olivia, and Sophia.
  • He earned his degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
  • His faith is deeply rooted as a devoted Catholic.
  • He’s not only a businessman but also a philanthropist, extending help to different charitable groups.
  • Though he’s a polarizing figure, there’s no denying his triumph as a thriving entrepreneur.

Obi Cubana Net Worth: ₦480 Billion [0 Million]

As of 2023, Obi Cubana is believed to possess a net worth of approximately ₦480 Billion [$600 million]. Obi Cubana stands as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest individuals, with his net worth projected to further increase in the future.

His accomplishments as a prosperous businessperson and entrepreneur are evident, and he also holds a philanthropic role by contributing to his community.

Obi Cubana Assets and Exotic Automobiles

Obi Cubana enjoys substantial wealth, possessing various valuable assets like cars, residences, and businesses. Some of his notable possessions include:

Cars: Among his collection are luxury cars such as a Rolls-Royce Wraith, a Mercedes-Benz S580, and a Toyota Land Cruiser.

Houses: Obi Cubana’s property portfolio encompasses a mansion in Abuja, a duplex in Lagos, and a rural retreat in Anambra State.

Businesses: Serving as the creator and leader of the Cubana Group, he oversees a hospitality enterprise owning nightclubs, hotels, and restaurants throughout Nigeria. Additionally, he’s engaged in real estate and the FMCG industry.

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Here are the specific cars that Obi Cubana owns, along with their estimated prices:

Car ModelEstimated Price Range
2022 Mercedes-Benz S580Approximately ₦250,000,000
Lexus LX 570₦65,000,000₦70,000,000
Mercedes Benz S450 4Matic₦35,000,000₦40,000,000
Rolls Royce WraithAround ₦340,000,000
Toyota Land Cruiser₦65,500,000₦95,000,000
2022 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 SUV₦250,000,000₦300,000,000

Obi Cubana Net Worth: Wrapping Up

Obi Cubana may be a topic of controversy, yet his success as a businessman and entrepreneur remains undeniable. His substantial impact on both the Nigerian economy and society is evident, serving as an inspiration to numerous individuals.

Obi Cubana is recognizable for his extravagant way of life, often spotted in these remarkable vehicles. Alongside his opulence, he holds a philanthropic spirit, contributing funds to diverse charitable causes and groups.

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