How To Get OPay POS Machine At a Very Cheap Price In Nigeria

OPay POS Machine Business

OPay POS is one of the most used POS machines or terminals in Nigeria; it’s the raving of the moment in Nigeria. As such, a lot of people I have come in contact with who wish to venture into the OPay POS Business, do ask me how they can apply for and get Opay POS machines at an affordable price in Nigeria.

All things being equal, in this article I will reveal to you how to go about getting an Opay POS machine at a very cheap price without spending much money.

OPay is possessed by the very Chinese organization that claims the popular browser, Opera Mini, and is evaluated as one of the most famous payment processors in Nigeria at the present time. Searching for a reliable method for applying and getting Opay POS Machine?

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Opay POS Machine is genuinely well known as of late, and there is absolutely no doubt getting it poses minor snags, and for that reason, you’re reading this post right now.

OPay was designed to make financial transactions online easy in Nigeria. This article is an aide on how you can apply for and get a POS (Point of Sales) terminal for withdrawal, movement of cash, making deposits, etc in Nigeria. With this, you can make more money passively as an OPay Agent.

Requirements To Become OPay POS Agent/Merchant

For you to be seen as someone who is serious to do business with OPay, you need to become an agent by making available the following details:

  1. Full name
  2. Phone number
  3. Active email
  4. Bank Verification Number (BVN)
  5. Business address
  6. PHCN or NEPA bill image
  7. Identification documents like International Passport, National Identity Card, Driver’s License, or Voter’s Card
  8. Passport photograph
  9. Date of birth
  10. State of origin
  11. City of residence
  12. Local Government Area
  13. Home address
  14. Business name
  15. Gender
  16. A picture of you holding your ID Card
  17. Photo of you in your business location, store, or kiosk (Inside and outside of your store view, menus, etc)
  18. Photo of CAC (if any)
  19. A picture of you standing in front of your store

However, that may be overwhelming from the look of things, but never to worry! If you have a few of these requirements such as NIN paper, current NEPA bill, and BVN, you are good to go. All you have to do is contact us on WHATSAPP and we simplify this process and get you a cheap POS immediately.

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You can as well read this guide on how to start your POS Business and be profitable in Nigeria. Having known the requirements for applying as an OPay Merchant or Agent and getting the POS, you will now go on to the OPay official site and create An Online Merchant Account, as well as Creating a POS Merchant Account.

Types Of OPay POS Machines & Prices

There are two types of OPay POS machines available for merchants to start their POS Business with, and they are:

  • Android POS Machine (₦35,000)
  • Traditional Button POS Machine (₦25,000)

Be that as it may, both of the POS machines function the same. The only difference is that android has more sophisticated software and functions more like an android phone with an internet connection, wifi, Bluetooth, battery life of 5200mAh, and more.

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You need to understand something very vital. The OPay POS is free; in any case, merchants should make available a caution fee of ₦20,000 accessible in their OPay wallets right away, after the POS application is verified, the caution fee will be taken or deducted. This total amount will be given back to the merchant when he or she returns the POS machine.

Good News

When you have received your POS Machine, after three months of usage, you will be awarded a ₦500,000 loan to keep boosting your business at a 0.3% very low-interest rate!

FAQs On OPay POS Merchant Application

What Is OPay’s Fee For Every Transaction Carried Out?

Answer: OPay’s ₦10 exchange charge was the principal reason many individuals decided to utilize it for the movement of cash. In any case, presently, that benefit is no more. With the presentation of the 1% charge, it is currently more costly to make transactions from OPay than doing as such with ordinary banking applications.

How Can I Get a Free POS Machine From OPay?

Answer: To turn into an OPay merchant, you just have to visit the application store, download the OPay application, and enroll “to turn into a merchant.” The registration is absolutely free, you will likewise get a free POS machine.

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Get The Free OPay POS Machine?

Answer: Every OPay POS demand is looked into and handled in 24 hours or less. When your solicitation for the POS terminal is endorsed, the agent support group will get in touch with you to illuminate you about the best accessible date to get the POS terminal.

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Wrapping Up

It is actually easy when you are guided by someone who has been in the OPay POS Business for a long time. We are glad to let you know that we have top OPay Aggregators on our team who oversees the POS business affairs and can assist those having technical problems.

With us you can be sure to start your POS Business on a higher pedestal, raking in good profit every day irrespective of your environment. I believe you had some value in this post. kindly share this article and thank you for stopping by!


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