How To Start Popcorn Business In Nigeria And Be Profitable

How To Start Popcorn Business In Nigeria

Popcorn Business: Over the years, the popcorn business has been loudly operational and almost widely set up. In recent years, the public has become more selective when it comes to what they consume.

Obviously, they tend to place more priority on quality and content over cost. Therefore, there’s every tendency that anyone who ventures into the food business such as the popcorn business will be massively patronized.

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Popcorn is a snack food made from corn kernels popped by dry heating. It has kernels that upon exposure to heat burst open to form a white starchy mass.

By starting a popcorn business in Nigeria, you would almost certainly need to do the following:

  1. An In-depth Market Survey

You need to start by finding out how highly demanded popcorn is in your locality. How well appreciated is it? What does the profit look like? This will help you decide if you should start a physical store or not. Think about expanding beyond the local demand for just popcorn because truth is, we have a lot of people doing the popcorn business already and if you must stay unique, then do things uniquely.

  1. Get Trained

As far as starting a popcorn business is concerned, you’ll need to be trained to pop. A few mixtures of flavor, and the knowledge to understand the measurement of application to avoid addition are necessary to give you the required experiential know-how to start.

For any food business that needs personal preparation, package, and delivery, firsthand knowledge is needed to attract and maintain your market’s uniqueness from the beginning.

  1. Get The Required Types Of Equipment

You will need a few popping machines and types of equipment to help you achieve the desired flavors. Before starting up a popcorn business, consider getting types of equipment like popping tables, candy coaters and mixers, and of course space.

It could be in front of your compound if the area is suitable or any other space you consider fit. You may want to set up multiple popcorn stands and employ people to manage them for you.

  1. Consider Regulations

Food-based businesses would almost always be subject to scrutiny from health agencies. Consider getting a business license to enable you to clear up inspections and questions you may have. 

  1. Market Your Business

After launching your business, you’ll need to build your brand unapologetically. Reach out to institutions, malls, bars, etc, and offer them heavy discounts on your products.

Reach out to people who have events like birthdays, church concerts, weddings, anniversaries, etc who may want your popcorn for their guests. Social media is another platform to market your business, promote your brand and create a massive awareness of your business.

You must also have good packaging. Understand that the physical view of a product can either attract a buyer or have them dislike it. To this end, to make your popcorn appealing to the eyes, it must come in a well-packaged form. Both quality and quantity must have value. Enough value to gain the amount sold for and keep your customers wanting more.


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