Primeshub Review: Is Primeshub Legit? Earn ₦‎500k Weekly

Primeshub Technology is a make-money-online platform set to give financial freedom to its users. The website is designed with enticing features that help individuals maximize their earning potential.

That being said, this post will unravel everything that there is to know about Primeshub Technology, and how you can get started to earn passive income.

What Is Primeshub Technology?

Primeshub is a network marketing platform where users interact and engage with different jobs/tasks to earn commissions. These tasks could include referring others, sharing sponsored posts, logging in, posting advertisements, uploading products to its store, etc.


How Does Primeshub Work?

Primeshub has many features and structures that will define how it works. Hence, we will be looking at the main deal that makes up the system.

Primeshub Earning Structure

  • Registration Fee: $10 [₦‎5,000]
  • Welcome Bonus: 2,500PC
  • Affiliate Bonus: $8 [₦‎4,000]
  • Sub-Affiliate Bonus: $0.4 [₦‎400]
  • Second Sub-Affiliate Bonus: $0.2 [₦‎100]
  • Primes Advert: 250PC [PC = PrimeCash]
  • Prime Social Claim: $0.1 [₦‎50] Upward
  • Login Bonus: 250PC

Earning Structure for Other Countries

BENIN Earning Structure

  • Affiliate bonus – $8 (4500cfa)
  • Sub-affiliate – $0.4 (400cfa)
  • Second sub-affiliate – $0.2 (200cfa)
  • Welcome bonus – 2500pc
  • Daily visit bonus – 250pc
  • Prime Ad share – 250pc
  • Prime social share – $0.1(upward)

UGANDAN Earning Structure

  • Affiliate bonus $8 (30,000ush)
  • Sub-affiliate $0.4 (2500ush)
  • Second sub-affiliate – 0.2 (1250ush)
  • Welcome bonus 2500pc
  • Daily visit bonus 250pc
  • Prime advert share 250pc
  • Prime social share $0.1(upward)

GHANA Earning Structure

  • Affiliate Reward – $8 (100GHS)
  • Sub-Affiliate – $0.4 (9GHS)
  • Second Sub-affiliate – $0.2 (4GHS)
  • Welcome Bonus – 2500pc
  • Daily Visit Bonus – 250PC
  • Prime Advert Share – 250PC
  • Prime Social Share – 0.1$

KENYA Earning Structure

Affiliate bonus – $8 (1200ksh)
Sub-affiliate – $0.4 (90ksh)
Second Sub-affiliate – $0.2 (40ksh)
Welcome bonus – 2500pc
Daily visit bonus – 250pc
Prime advert share – 250pc
Prime social share – $0.1 (upward)

CAMEROON Earning Structure

  • Affiliate bonus – $8 (5000xaf)
  • Sub-affiliate – $0.4 (500xaf)
  • Second Sub-affiliate – 0.2 (250xaf)
  • Welcome bonus – 2500pc
  • Daily visit bonus – 250pc
  • Prime advert share – 250pc
  • Prime social share – $0.1 (upward)
  • Kenya Registration Fee = $10 (1800KSH)
  • Benin Registration Fee = $10 (6000CFA)
  • Ugandan Registration Fee = $10 (45,000USH)
  • Cameroon Registration Fee = $10 (7000XAF)
  • Ghana Registration Fee = $10 (140 GHS)

You can now join Primeshub from anywhere!

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Primeshub Features

What Are The Amazing Features Of Primeshub?

Primes Trip And Car Challenge

This is a feature where you are given the opportunity to win a trip outside Nigeria or own a car if you hit the target given to you by Primeshub in the time given.

Primes P2P

This feature is provided for users to earn when they successfully register new users using their PRIMESCASH and end up keeping the registration fee to themselves rather than buying coupon codes.

Primes Recharge

This is a feature where only non-affiliates are given the opportunity once a week to recharge their phone using their PEIMESCASH FUND on the primes Recharge wallet.

Brimes Course

This feature gives users the opportunity to activate and learn high-income digital skills using their PRIMESCASH.

Primes Sport

This is a feature where users are given the opportunity weekly to predict the correct score of a football match and stand a chance to win prizes when the prediction comes out correctly.

Prime Raffle

This is a feature where users can win amazing prizes and cash monthly by playing our monthly raffle draw from their raffle wallet using their PRIMESCASH.

Primeshub Withdrawal Schedule

Affiliate Withdrawal:

  • Mondays and Fridays
  • (10 am to 12 pm)
  • Minimum Threshold of $16/N8000

Primes-Social Withdrawal:

  • $10/N5000 (Automated)

The above details contain withdrawal details, kindly read them carefully!

Ptimeshub Talent Hunt

Showcase Your Talent And Stand a chance to be the winner Only on Primeshub.

1M Prize Pool

  • Winner = N500k
  • 1st runner up = N300k
  • 2nd runner up = N200k

Only 100 Contestants Will be chosen [ 50 Males & 50 Females ]

Duration: 30 Days


Welcome to PRIMES-STORE, the perfect platform to showcase and sell your physical products to a wide audience of potential customers! Best of all, it’s completely free to join and get started. Here’s how you can take advantage of our platform:

  1. Sign Up: Create an account on PRIMES-STORE to become a part of our growing community of sellers.
  2. Create Your Store: Personalize your store with your branding, logo, and product categories, making it uniquely yours.
  3. Upload Your Products: Showcase your range of physical products with detailed descriptions and eye-catching images.
  4. Start Selling: Sit back and watch as potential customers discover your products and make purchases, giving your sales a significant boost.

Join PRIMES-STORE today and tap into a pool of ready-to-patronize customers. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your reach and make sales like never before!

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The Big Boys’ Challenge

Primeshub 100 Days Car Challenge

Win a car as an affiliate on PEIMESHUB when 3000 new users have successfully registered under you using your unique affiliate link in a period of 100 days.

  • GET 500 DOWNLINES = Win an iPhone XR and N50k cash prize
  • GET 1000 DOWNLINES = Win N500k cash prize
  • GET 2000 DOWNLINES = Win brand new iPhone 11 and N500k cash prize
  • GET 3000 DOWNLINES = Win brand new Car

The challenge starts on OCTOBER 1ST 2023 and ends on JANUARY 8TH 2024.


High-Income Digital Skills

Learn high-income skills on PRIMES COURSE using your PRIMESCASH

Below are the courses available on Primeshub

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Graphics Design
  • WhatsApp TV creation
  • Social Media Ads
  • Web development
  • Video Editing
  • Crypto Trading
  • And a lot more…

This offer is a great way to learn some of the digital skills you have always wanted, directly from your dashboard, for free!

Why Choose Us?

  • Lifetime Affiliate Account
  • Easy Access To Earn Either as an Affiliate/Non-Affiliate
  • Easy Withdrawal System and Fast Payout
  • Spicy Features That Give you Access to Promote and Make Money as an Affiliate
  • Earn in Dollars
  • Primeshub Technology: Making Networking Effortless

How Can I Earn As A Non – Affiliate

Below are patterns of Non-affiliate ways to earn and their wallets.


Primes Social is a feature where users are given the opportunity to perform social media tasks to claim daily rewards, which can be withdrawn once a month when they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $10/5,000.


This is a wallet or feature where your welcome bonus, daily visit bonus, and primes ad share bonus are recorded. Kindly note, that earnings on PRIMESCASH WALLET can’t be withdrawn. Only earnings on PRIMES SOCIAL WALLET can be withdrawn automatically to your updated bank account if you meet the threshold of $10/5000.

Launching Date: October 1, 2023


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