Sabrina CALA: Tricks To Earn $75 Daily With CALA Robot Now


Sabrina Cala is a digital currency trading platform that uses artificial intelligence and Algorithms to automatically buy digital currencies at low prices and sell them at higher prices to earn the difference in the service between the two.

There are very many platforms doing Cryptocurrency trading in different forms and many more will still come out. This is because digital currency is the future whether you accept it or not. That is why many platforms and individuals are coming up to position themselves early.

Sabrina Cala
Sabrina Cala

CALA Uses Arbitrage System

It may interest you to know that CALA arbitrage has been operational for more than 6 months running yet it didn’t go viral the way others did. I think one of the reasons is that they are not promising 100% as others did. Also because of people’s experiences with online businesses especially Cryptocurrency trading and Forex the fear of scams is still very much high

Does CALA Have Office In Nigeria?

Cala has been operating in Nigeria since the last year 2021. Funnily, many people are not investing in Cala, no such attention had been given to it the way other platforms were noise abroad yet Cala is a very legit platform.

At first, many investors were skeptical, I am one of them I thought it was one of those hit-and-run scam sites but now they are waxing stronger daily.


Whether there is a large market transaction fluctuations or a stable market as much as there is a matching transaction there must be a price difference that triggers sales thereby securing profit in split seconds.

Let me make a little review about the CALA Platform, if you check the sellers on their platform you will also find them in Binance; meaning you can buy USDT directly on Binance. What CALA does is scan all the cryptocurrency exchanges to buy coins at reduced prices and sell them for profit. Thereby giving daily profit to its members both users and investors.

How Secure Is CALA Arbitrage?

Their encrypted transaction system uses a secured transaction mechanism, combined with unique point-to-point transmission technology real-time clearing engine, a smart digital wallet high network security system, Cross exchange optimal price exchange engine, and other blockchain technologies. The AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm is automatically used to allocate the best order for you

How To Register CALA And Fund Your Account

Sign Up Here

📌Sign up or login into the CALA account

📌In the column interface of the homepage, scroll down

📌Select the robot you want to hire in the robot column (we have different robots with different amounts)

It is preferable to choose a robot with a high price because it generates huge returns

📌Click on recharge

📌Chose online Payment 2

📌Copy the account number and paste it into your bank app or POS

📌Send money to the account and your CALA account will be recharged immediately

📌Click contract to buy

📌Click pay to confirm robot hire

📌In the interface click the symbol at the right bottom of the screen

📌Click to view my robot warehouse

📌Find those robots you want to activate
Click activate robot to start an intelligent exchange and you start earning immediately

Note: You can fund with USDT or Naira and can also withdraw USDT and Naira as well

Cala uses arbitrage trading, it may interest you to know that arbitrage trading is very profitable. Having an AI software opportunity helps you to make a profit quickly.

This software can run a node and act as identifiers, and as such make it possible for them to reorganize transactions in a block to ensure that their transactions can be carried out faster than humans.

Billionaires Club. Know this and have peace!

Morning breakfast is served Hot

While you have closed your shop on Sundays, my robot isn’t going to church!

By the time I’m back from service, lunch will be served!



Investment/Robot – $105 (N65,100) after one month your N65,800 will be refunded then you withdraw your interest of N26,820 and reinvest the refunded N65,800 because the duration is one month till infinity.

Your portfolio daily earnings of $1.5 (N894 a day) and (N26,820 earnings in a month) commence instantly. Just relax and enjoy the inflow, Let the robot do the trade for you.


Say goodbye to traditional business expenses like;

  • Shop rent
  • Product
  • Consumption
  • Staff Salary
  • Driving up and down
  • Unforeseen circumstances and
  • Stealing from staff

This is how the POS business came into existence and people were looking. It’s high time you invest and join the pioneer billionaires.

Introduction To CALA Robot Earnings

Each user can receive Robot No. 0 for free once, and CALA also provides five advanced robots, Robot No. 1-Robot No. 5;

① Robot Revenue:

  • Robot No. 1 earns $0.45 per day
  • Robot No. 2 makes $1.5 per day
  • Robot No. 3 earns $8 per day
  • Robot No. 4 earns $33 per day
  • Robot No. 5 makes $170 per day

② Robot Investment Amount

  • Robot investment amount = selling price + start-up capital
  • Robot No. 1=$2+$30
  • Robot No. 2=$5+$100
  • Robot No. 3=$25+$500
  • Robot No. 4=$100+$2000
  • Robot No. 5=$500+$10000

NOTE: Start-up capital is only used to activate the robot and will not be consumed; Start-up capital will be returned to your account balance when the robot is suspended.



Robot 1. Rent/start-up capital = $2+$30= N20,032

Daily Income
$0.45 (N268.2)

Monthly Income
$13.5 (N8046)

Annual Income
$162 (N96552)

Robot 2. Rent/start-up capital = 5+100$= N65730

Daily Income
$1.5 (N894)

Monthly Income
$45 (N26820)

Annual Income
$540 (N321840)

Robot 3. Rent/start-up capital = $25+500= N328650

Daily Income
$8 (N4768)

Monthly Income
$240 (N143040)

Annual Income
$2880 (N1716480)

Robot 4. Rent/start-up capital = $100+2000= N1314600

Daily Income
$33 (N19668)

Monthly Income
$990 (N590040)

Annual Income
$11880 (N7080480)

Robot 5. Rent/start-up capital = $500+10000= N6573000

Daily Income
$170 (N101320)

Monthly Income
$5100 (N3039600)

Annual Income
$61200 (N36475200)

Above is the breakdown of what you need to know


Compound interest investment, simply understood, is to put the profit or interest earned from your investment or deposit into your principal, and let it continue to help you make money;

#1 Simple Interest Investment

Suppose you deposit $1000 in the bank and the daily interest rate is 1%, the daily interest rate is $1000 * 1% = $10. No compounding interest, your principal is always $1000, and you can only make $10 a day, which is what ordinary investors usually do

#2 Compound Interest Investment

On the first day, your principal is $1000 and the interest is $10

The next day, your principal is (1000+10=1010) dollars, and the interest is (1010*1%=10.1) dollars

On the third day, your principal is (1010+10.1=1020.1) dollars. The interest is (1020.1*1%=10.201) USD…

Question: Do you want your bank deposit to be calculated on simple or compound interest?

Answer: Compound Interest

Why?: Because Compound interest is known as the eighth wonder of the world. Over time, investment capital can be scaled up infinitely. For example, the world-renowned investor Warren Buffett accumulates his initial capital through compound interest investment, becomes the world’s richest man, and achieves true financial freedom.

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Note: Everyone can also use compound interest to invest in robots to increase their monthly rate of return by more than 20%

For example, you are currently investing in a 4# bot. The 4# bot makes about $33 a day in profit. The profit of $33 will be credited to your CALA account balance on the day and will not enter the cryptocurrency market to make money for you.

When the $33 profit is credited to your CALA account balance, you can activate a 1# robot again. When you activate the 1# robot with the profit of the 4# robot, the profit will enter the crypto market and become your principal and will help you earn about $15 in compounded profits in 1 month

4#The robot earns $33 a day, which is equivalent to you can activate 30 robots in 30 days 1# Make money for you

1# The robot earns 15 dollars a month, and 1 of 30 robots can help you earn 30*15=450 dollars

1 bot 4# will only bring you about $990 in profit in 30 days.

Using the compound interest plan can earn you $990+$450=$1440 in profit

Among them, 450 US dollars is made by using the 4# robot to make profits for compound interest.

It is equivalent to using compound interest to make you about 50% more. Of course, this is the use of advanced robots above 3# to achieve such a compounding effect

If low-level robots below 3# cannot achieve such a rate of return, but can also increase monthly income by about 15%, recently many old users contact me to learn compound interest, I will recommend them to use 4# or 5# robot compound interest, advanced Robots make more money with compound interest

However, anyone can choose a robot for compound interest investment according to their financial situation, you can also teach your team members to learn to use compound interest to make more profits, your team members can increase monthly income, and your agency revenue will also increase at the same time, these are one of the tips to increase agency revenue.

Finally, With the extension of the compound interest time, the principal of our investment will be infinitely enlarged, and your monthly rate of return will increase to 65%-300%+

Recently a lot of old CALA users showed me their profits using compounding and they just started investing $2000 in #4 bots. Through constant compounding, the total funds in their CALA account have now grown to around $30,000.

In fact, they only invested 2,000 US dollars themselves, and the rest of the funds are compound interest. If any investor wants to make more profits, in addition to the sufficient principle, they should also learn to use investment skills.

There are two purposes for sharing investment tips with you

  1. Some friends have joined CALA for more than 8 months and are still using 1#/2# robots. They can only make $1-$5 a day in profit. If they used compound interest to invest in bots at the time, they could accumulate profits early on to activate advanced bots to make money. It is precisely because everyone lacks investment skills and they cannot make more profits every day. Everyone uses bots to profit from the crypto market. We hope that users can earn more profits and let more people understand the earning power of robots.
  2. When everyone makes more profits, they can buy more robots to promote the sales of CALA robots; at the same time, everyone is very motivated to introduce such a good product to their friends and introduce CALA to more Users. Effectively promote the future development of the company.

In a word, CALA and users are a win-win; we are willing to guide your investment skills, after you learn the skills, be sure to use them to increase your income.

Do more with Compound Interest

Do more with CALA Technology AI ROBOT

Thank you for reading!




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