Seedly Airdrop: Is Legit? Claim Instant Free $89

Seedly Airdrop [Seedly Farm] is a cryptocurrency project operating just like However, you would be right to call it Catly twin, because it’s stated clearly on Seedly Airdrop’s official site “Inspired by Catly.”

As such, it’s more like a duplicate of Catly when it comes to its mode of operation or modus operandi. Seedly infused the agricultural sense to make people view it another by including terms like “farming,” “planting,” and “seed.”

Seedly Airdrop

How Does Seedly Airdrop Work?

Seedly works exactly like Catly as we mentioned earlier, and there is no other way to it than the actual investment of funds and earning a stipulated daily ROI. In this case, Seedly pays 3.3% compared to the 3% Catly paid.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency platform gives a welcome bonus of 200 $SEED worth $2 with automatic staking for daily ROI or rewards to its users.

To be sure, Seedly has two categories of Seedly Airdrop claims for its users; 200 $SEED for SEEDLY Airdrop and SEEDLY Rewards for Catly holders. Now you see where this is going!

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Seedly Key Features

#1 Preserve

Cultivate your $seed tokens to foster sustainable expansion, gaining a daily 2% yield and accessing exclusive NFT rewards.

#2 Plant

Invest your $seed tokens, observe their growth, and relish in a daily 3.3% yield, all while actively participating in Seedly’s thriving community.

#3 NFT

Reap ownership through NFTs by sowing $seed tokens, reaping rewards, and gaining entry to our exclusive NFT marketplace.

#4 Swap

Convert harvested fruits into $seeds by engaging in swaps, maneuvering within Seedly’s ecosystem to unlock versatile rewards.

#5 Referral Program

Foster collaboration and prosperity by extending invitations to Seedly, earning rewards, and nurturing the growth of our community.

#6 Planter

Embrace the role of a cultivator to nurture expansion, earning from the activities of your downlines, and partaking in the collective success of Seedly.

How to Get Started

  • You will first of all CLICK HERE to get registered
  • Enter your email
  • Enter password
  • Repeat password
  • Verify that you are not a robot
  • Click on “Sign Up”
  • Enter your Binance ID or email address
  • Enter your Telegram username
  • Enter your Twitter username
  • Paste your USDT BEP20 deposit address from Binance
  • Then claim airdrop

Official Website:

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