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Make $5,172 (N3m) Monthly Selling Advertisement Space

Selling Advertisement Space Business Idea

Selling Advertisement Space: Today, I want to share with you a business that can easily fetch you $5,172 or N3m a month without having to sell any product. Actually, you can make far more than that. But N3m ($5,172) a month is a good start. I know you are eager to know that business, right?

So, here is the thing. I have a notepad on my computer where I jot down any amazing business idea that comes to my mind. And since I can’t do all of them, I have to share them with people.

So, I call this business – The List Air Business. What this means is that all you are selling with this business is just air. The air here actually means advert space. I call it to air because what you are selling isn’t something that can be touched – Selling Advertisement Space. So, here is the full guide.

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What you are going to do is to build a list of people that are interested in a particular thing or topic. Then you market that list to businesses who sell those types of products so that they can advertise. That is why an important step of this business is to only build lists in markets where a lot of people are looking to advertise. This list that you build can be an email list or a Whatsapp list.

Here is an example. There are a lot of realtors (aka people who sell real estate) who are looking for where to advertise. Many of them fumble around on social media and some keep pounding their friends and families with their real estate deals via their Whatsapp status.

What if you had a list of 20,000 Whatsapp contacts or email subscribers who are interested in buying real estate properties? Do you think these realtors will be willing to pay you something like N300,000 or $517 to send a broadcast to your email list or run an advert on your Whatsapp status for 24 hours?

I can guarantee you that they will be begging you to collect their money. And you only need just one person to try your list. If he or she gets some good result, the word will get out. And you will get more people who want to advertise. Let me break this down into a step-by-step plan of action.

Step-By-Step Plan Of Action To Consider

STEP 1: Pick a Huge Market With Lots Of People

You start by picking a big market where a lot of people are looking to advertise. You can do this for various markets but you have to start with one first.

Here are some examples of such markets:

  • People interested in cars
  • People interested in real estate
  • People interested in skincare
  • People interested in Forex
  • People interested in sports betting
  • People interested in growing quality hair
  • People interested in dieting and keeping fit

STEP 2: Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet

Once you have picked a market, then you have to create an attractive lead magnet.

What is that?

An attractive lead magnet is a piece of irresistible information that you will be offering to people to attract them to get on your list.

It doesn’t have to be something long. The information just has to be irresistible. And you do that by finding out the type of information the people in that market want or are looking for.

So, let’s say I want to build a list of people who like sports betting, I can give them a report that says – 10 Football Teams You Can Bet On And Win 95% Of The Time. Now, that is just an example. People who want to make money betting will like that type of report and jump at it.

So, I will just create the document using Google docs, convert it to a PDF file (also using Google docs), and put it on Google drive. This Google drive link is what I will be sending to people who request it.

STEP 3: Set Up Your Lead Capturing System

The next step is to prepare your list capturing system. Now, you can build a Whatsapp contact list. Or an email list. Or Both. The easiest and cheaper option is a Whatsapp contact list because all you will need for this is a new SIM (and phone if you don’t have it) If you are going to build an email list, you will need an autoresponder.

I recommend AWeber, GetResponse, and iContact. Now that you have people on your list, you will be sending them good and useful information they can engage with. If you are using email, you do this by simply sending an email. If you are using Whatsapp, you will have to put up your content on your Whatsapp status.

If you didn’t know, people actually view other people’s Whatsapp status a lot. So, it is very effective. The name you give this list of yours is also very important. Here is an example. Someone built a list for Toyota Car lovers. He simply called it “Toyota Car Addicts” If it is an email list, you can call it an XYZ newsletter too. E.g. Over 40 Women Newsletter Travel Tips Newsletter If it is a Whatsapp contact list, you can call it a Whatsapp Channel. E.g. Toyota Car Addicts Channel You get the idea.

STEP 4: Promote Your Lead Magnet

The next step is to start promoting your lead magnet. The idea here is simple. You are just telling people that if they join your email or WhatsApp contact list, they will get your irresistible lead magnet. “Join my email list or Whatsapp contact and I will give you the lead magnet.”

If your lead magnet is irresistible like I said earlier, people will be rushing to join. So, you begin to push the lead magnet so that it gets attention. You can promote it via organic traffic on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. That way, you are not paying a dime.

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One effective way of doing this on social media is to create a short piece of content and end with a call to action that offers them your lead magnet. E.g. If you would like to be getting my sports betting picks every day, then add my number to your Whatsapp 080345621245 E.g. If you would like to be getting my sports betting picks every day, then subscribe to my email list – But if you have some money to spend on adverts, then you can run some adverts. And when people join your list, you quickly offer them something to buy so that you can offset the cost of the adverts.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you spent N10,000 ($17) to get 800 clicks. Out of these 800 clicks, only 100 of them joined your list. Let’s say the offer you have is an affiliate product that pays you N4,000 ($6.8) per sale. If 5 out of the 100 people buy, that will be 5 x N4,000 = N20,000 ($34.4) That is more than enough to help you offset the cost of your advert so that you are basically building this list for free.

STEP 5: Get Prospective Advertisers

Approach prospective advertisers to advertise in your list. This is simple. A lot of businesses and individuals are looking for where to advertise and get sales.

Just look out for people who are already advertising in that market and send them a message. Just scrolling through your social media wall (Facebook, Instagram) will show you some of them. As an example, if you go on Instagram now, you will probably see a realtor trying to sell some properties.

Simply send a message to all these realtors who are looking for ways to advertise. The amount you charge will be based on how many subscribers you have on your list. You can start monetizing this list once it is about 2000 subscribers.


You can have an introductory price you can start with and increase it as the size of your list is increasing. E.g. Pay N100k ($172.4)for 24 hours Whatsapp Status for your first time. N300k ($517.2) for subsequent insertions. If you are able to do N300k ads ten times in a month, that is a pure N3m profit for you.

And getting that is easy because once an advertiser gets awesome results from advertising with you, he is definitely going to come back. And even tell others about it. This is where you have to be careful.

Don’t bombard your list with too many ads. If you do so, the list is going to burn out and people will stop opening it. Responses from Ads will go down. And people will stop running their adverts with you again. That is the business in a jiffy.

Whew! There is so much money everywhere. This is another way to get it. When I explained this to my business partner, Ronald, he was just shouting wow, wow, wow! I hope this makes sense to you. If not, then look out for another one of my posts where I will be sharing another one of my business ideas. Thanks for reading!

Please drop a comment if you have any contributions, or if you want to gain more understanding, and kindly share with your friends and family.


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