How To Start a Shawarma Business In Nigeria And Make Money

How To Start a Shawarma Business In Nigeria

Shawarma Business: A lot of times, people want to venture into the business of selling shawarma but have not done a careful survey as to how to begin, or sometimes they fear starting because they think it is really not an easy thing to do.

Shawarma is a dish, sort of a sandwich especially of sliced lamb or chicken, vegetable and often wrapped in pita bread, roasted on a dawdle but turning a piece of equipment that turns it over a source of heat so that it roasts on all sides(rotisserie).

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Shawarma in Nigeria is more of a snack. Widely accepted, patronized, and sold in almost all eateries and bars. Like any other snack, Shawarma is easy to prepare. Before starting a Shawarma business, certain things have to be brought into consideration which in the course of this article, will be listed in sequence.

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It doesn’t matter your location, the procedures for starting a shawarma business are the same. However, it is advisable that the plans of setting up a Shawarma stand be written down before starting.

Just like any other business, shawarma business needs all the attention, managerial skill and expertise without which you’ll be running at a loss and incurring increased expenses. Your profit in the shawarma business is dependent on the pieces you make a day and how many of them you can sell. That is why it is advisable that you prepare it based on an order from a client.

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Below are things needed to start up a shawarma business or set up a stand:

  1. Knowledge Of Preparation (Training)

Before you set up a shawarma stand, it is only wise that you get trained. Learn how to prepare yummy shawarma. Prepare it for yourself and your family first, get reviews and try to see how you can improve upon the negative reviews. It’ll only take a few days. Then you’re ready to set up a stand.

  1. Emplacement

Have your location in mind before you start. Advisably, look for busy areas where there are bars, joints, malls, estates, institutions, etc. Get an easily-locatable area, accessible and very visible. It doesn’t have to be a very large spot, a small spot is just fine.

  1. Customer Check

Before setting up a shawarma stand, consider your customers. Carry out an imaginary check on the kind of people that would be buying from you. This will help you decide which location you’ll be setting up. Understand that more customers mean more profit.

So you have to look for a lucrative area where highly exposed individuals are residing. For instance, most people in the rural setting do not know what shawarma is so there’s every tendency that they will not appreciate or patronize you. Look for developed areas and set up a stand.

  1. Market Survey

You must understand that there are people in the field of shawarma business already who are doing really well. Locate these people and seek ideas on how to go about it. Find out what they do to make sales and see how to engage same through another medium.

  1. Competition

Shawarma business in Nigeria is in a high level of competition currently. You’ve got to know what they are not doing well and take advantage of them. By all means, stay unique. If it’s branding, brand your market and do new things, do quality adverts, if need be, reduce the price for a start just to attract and keep your customers. Above all, understand your customers and how they like their Shawarma prepared. 

  1. Paraphernalia

You would most certainly need the following materials to be able to start a shawarma business.

  • Shawarma toasters
  • Deep fryer
  • Electric cooker
  • Deep freezer
  • Fridge
  • Show glass
  • Frying pan and pot
  • Bowls and cutlery
  • Cleaning tools
  • Carpentry work
  • Welding
  • Fire extinguisher

Find out the current cost of the materials listed above. Following the economic state of the country, their prices may change at any time. Hence, the reason for the non-inclusion of prices in this article.

If you have got some value in this article, kindly share it with your friends who desire to start a shawarma business. If you want to suggest any idea, also drop a comment in the box below.

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