SproutGigs Freelancing: $10 Per Task, Formerly Picoworkers

SproutGigs (formerly Picoworkers) is a legitimate micro-task site, but you shouldn’t expect to make much money from it. You will find work here if you keep your expectations realistic about how much people are willing to pay for small jobs like yours.

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Micro-task sites can be a good option if you’re looking for extra work. But if the site doesn’t offer reasonable pay, you might as well not waste your time trying to make money there.

Picoworkers (now called SproutGigs), for example, is pretty well known and promises users can make as much as $1 per task—if they’re willing to work long enough at it.

What Is SproutGigs? (AKA Picoworkers)

Let’s begin by discussing the name of the platform, Picoworkers. It was called this for years, but recently it changed its branding and re-launched as SproutGigs

The name has changed, but if you’re already registered with Picoworkers all your data and work history will remain.

However, since Picoworkers is still the most well-known name for SproutGigs (since it’s what people refer to when they talk about this space in general), I’ll keep calling it that throughout the rest of my review.

SproutGigs (AKA Picoworkers) is a site that allows people to earn money by completing small, simple tasks. After signing up for an account and performing the assigned duties, users are paid out in cash via PayPal or Payoneer.

How To Make Money On SproutGigs AKA Picoworkers

#1 Completing Small Jobs/Tasks

The primary way people earn on Picoworkers is by completing small jobs. These tasks don’t require much time, and they’re worth a little bit of money.

It’s the exact same process to find new jobs on SproutGigs as it was before its name change.

When you sign up to become a member of Picoworkers, you can log in to your account and look at all the micro-jobs available to you. If one piques your interest, it’s easy for you to apply for it as long as it’s within your skill set.

Being able to see what you’ll get is great, and I think this is important information to have. This can help you figure out which jobs to prioritize first and focus on them.

We want to make sure you know exactly when and where the jobs are if they are not a job you can do at the moment.

Next to each task, on the left side of your screen, there is an option that says “INT” which indicates this is international work and you can still finish it even if you live in a different country.

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Most of the jobs involve simple tasks like visiting a website or liking a page on Facebook or Instagram.

All jobs will ask you to do specific tasks, but regardless of what the job asks you to do, one thing remains constant: you need to provide proof that the job has been completed.

Once you accept a job, we’ll open a new form for you to provide accuracy proof. You’re only allowed to submit clean and correct proofs.

That is the reason why you would be required to look carefully at the job description before to start committing to it.

For example, don’t give a nonchalant response like “yes” or “done”. These words are not proof that you did the work and they will waste the time of administrators and employers.

When submitting proof, only submit what is requested and include screenshots if needed. You should only submit your proof if you have completed a task or experienced no errors.

Making sure you have proof before you submit the work is important. If the job poster does not approve your proofs and the work that you do, your payment will be terminated. So make sure to do everything thoroughly.

#2 Earning From Referrals

You could also earn extra income by referring people to SproutGigs.com (formerly Picoworkers.com. They join and you earn!

When someone signs up for a membership using your unique affiliate link on the site and registers, you’ll stand to earn 5% from every job they complete.

Moreover, any registered member on SproutGigs or Picoworkers can operate or switch accounts between being an employee and an employer.

Hence, if your referral chooses to make a deposit in order to post a job, you will also earn 5% from that deposit.

You can invite a friend to join your site by sharing your referral link and making sure they click on it.

I don’t like that only 5% of the revenue goes to the team, even though I understand it’s a good form of passive income.

#3 Welcome Bonus

The simplest way to start earning with Picoworkers is to just sign up as a worker. You’ll get $0.50 automatically added to your account when you verify your email.

It’s important to note that you cannot withdraw the joining bonus from this site. The thing is, there are other types of bonuses that are different than this one like instant withdrawals.

However, you should never get too excited about the welcoming bonus Picoworkers just gave because you won’t be able to withdraw. You can only utilize it to post jobs!

Getting Paid/Payment Methods

Whenever you complete a job on Picoworkers or SproutGigs, you’ll earn a certain amount. Another way to earn passively on the platform is by referring people to their services.

The payout system is one of the aspects where there have been recent changes since the company recently changed its name.

The minimum amount to withdraw was $5.75 before, but it’s currently $5.

Picoworkers offers several payout options. Depending on the project, you can get paid via PayPal, Cryptocurrency, AirTM, Uphold, or Skrill. Common cryptocurrencies used for payment are Ethereum and Litecoin.

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Each payment method has its own processing fee, but this was all changed so they now have the same processing fee. You just need to be aware of this as you will not get the full amount back if you choose any other alternative.

Since we are already on the platform, we are able to withdraw earnings at any time and we also love that the payout threshold is set so low. The bad news is that there’s a high fee to withdraw — but I think that’s understandable.

In the past, they would withhold VAT, making it so your total end fee was close to 20%, but they’ve unbundled this from their service. As such, the withdrawal fee is now 18%.

At least SproutGigs is being upfront about the fact that it offers employers the opportunity to post jobs for a fee. The fee is meant to sustain the platform!

However, in our opinion, this does not hold water. There are already companies charging other fees and they should have built a business where this high fee wasn’t necessary to impose on the workers that are paid low rates in the first place.

We think this is just an excuse so they make more money, and we know many people won’t realize the fee is this high until after they have been working for a while. That’s something you should consider when you’re making your decision.

Wrapping Up

SproutGigs or Picoworkers is dedicated to providing its users with micro jobs in that they can get involved and earn commissions.

It’s now left for you to decide if you want to register on the platform and begin completing tasks to get paid. As such, it’s not really a big deal, all you have to do is click the join SproutGigs now button below to get started.

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