Strimdex Review: Is Strimdex Legit? Make ₦500,000 Weekly

Strimdex is setting the pace for Nigerians to make money online irrespective of the economic situation in Nigeria. The platform claims that with its features, users can earn up to ₦500,000 weekly.

With such a projection, we can deduce whether it could be true or not, but the important thing is that many will still make money and others won’t.

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So, this post will review Strimdex and how it works.

What Is Strimdex Technology?

Strimdex is an activity platform or tasks-performing website where users earn passive income by sharing sponsored posts, watching videos, sharing adverts, referring people, etc.


Strimdex Earning Structure

#1 Welcome Bonus

Every new user that joins Strimdex is credited with a welcome bonus of a whopping sum of N2,500 which can be withdrawn.

#2 Referral Commission

This is the surest and most effective way to earn money on the platform. When you refer someone, you will be paid ₦3,000 when the person activates his/her account.

#3 Login Bonus

For every time you login into the platform every 24 hours, you will earn ₦200. That is another method that consoles non-affiliates.

#4 Strim Post Bonus

The Strim Post is a sponsored post you are required to share on your social media handles like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. When you successfully complete this task, you will earn ₦300.

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#5 Indirect Referral Commission

When the person you referred decides to also build his team, for every person he registers, you will receive ₦200.

That’s really a passive income without you putting in the work, but enjoying the efforts of your downlines.


#6 2nd Indirect Referral Commission

The 2nd indirect referral bonus is designed to pay you when your direct referral registers someone. And the commission or bonus is ₦100.

#7 3rd Indirect Referral Commission

When your 2nd indirect referral registers someone, you will earn ₦50. This goes on for as long as your team keeps growing.

#8 Advert Post

The platform has sleek designs or soft copy flyers that users can share on their WhatsApp statuses to attract prospective referrals. By sharing this advert post, you will earn ₦100 instantly.

NOTE: Registration Fee is ₦4,000

Earning Summary


📌 Login bonus 👉 ₦200 × 30 days = N6000

📌 Learn post 👉 ₦300 × 30 days = ₦9000

📌 Advert post 👉₦100 × 30 days = ₦3000



Is Strimdex Legit?

The legitimacy of this platform could be short-lived and is paying at the moment. Never take my word for it, it may not last long. Websites like this don’t guarantee long-term income but take advantage of it while it lasts.


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