Review: Is Superwave Legit? Free ₦50k Per Week!

Superwave ( emerges as a novel platform in Nigeria, offering users the opportunity to earn rewards by engaging in uncomplicated tasks like reading news and sharing posts.

With the rise of numerous “Get Paid To” platforms for completing short online tasks, distinguishing genuine ones from fraudulent ones has become increasingly challenging. To address this concern, we have committed ourselves to conducting thorough reviews of such websites.


Our primary aim is to assist users in making well-informed decisions before they invest their valuable time and resources on these platforms.

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What Is, a Nigerian income program, provides its members with the opportunity to earn through straightforward online tasks. The platform offers a diverse range of ways to generate income, including:

  1. Referral Commissions: By inviting others to join through your unique referral link, you can earn a commission for each person who signs up.
  2. Airtime Giveaways: frequently conducts airtime giveaways, giving you a chance to participate and win free airtime.
  3. Surveys: You have the option to earn money by participating in surveys offered on the platform.
  4. Tasks: rewards you for completing easy tasks, such as watching videos or clicking on links.

Is Superwave Free?

Superwave presents itself as a rapidly growing free marketing program, dedicated to empowering users to generate income online without any cost.

The concept behind Superwave is truly commendable, aiming to combat poverty by transforming your online time, data, and activities into a purposeful venture, allowing you to earn passive income online, all without any financial investment!

One of the key highlights of Superwave is that you won’t need to spend a single penny to start earning money on their platform. Registration is absolutely free, and your payment is assured once you accumulate the minimum withdrawal amount.

How To Get Started With

Becoming a member of Super is simple; all you require is an internet-enabled device to perform your daily tasks on their website.

The registration process is entirely free, and users have the opportunity to earn money without any upfront payment.

Superwave serves as a global platform, connecting people from all over the world, offering them the chance to read news and generate revenue through advertisements.

On Superwave, users can access multiple avenues to earn money, including:

  1. Daily Logins: Earning rewards by logging in to the platform on a daily basis.
  2. Reading News: Generating income by staying informed and reading news articles on the website.
  3. Commenting on Posts: Users can earn by actively engaging with posts and leaving comments.
  4. Completing Tasks: Performing simple tasks provided on the platform to earn rewards.
  5. Sharing Sponsored Posts: Users have the opportunity to earn by sharing sponsored posts with their network.
  6. Referring Others: By inviting others to join Superwave, members can earn additional rewards through referrals.

Once registered, members can potentially earn up to N50k every week on Superwave for free! The platform offers multiple ways for users to make money, enhancing their earning potential and providing an opportunity to earn passive income without any financial investment.

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Earnings Structure In Superwave

  • Upon successfully activating your account, you will immediately earn ₦1,100.00 with Superwave.
  • Get rewarded for your daily logins! Earn up to ₦150 daily just by logging into your Superwave account.
  • Read news and earn! Each content you read on our platform will fetch you ₦25.
  • Engage and earn more! For every comment you leave on posts on our website, you will receive ₦25.
  • Complete daily tasks and boost your earnings! Earn up to ₦500 for each task you finish on daily.
  • Share sponsored posts on your FB account and get rewarded with ₦150 daily.
  • Maximize your earnings with our referral bonus! You can earn up to ₦300 for each person you refer to While this option is not compulsory, it’s the highest-earning opportunity available.

Superwave Sign Up/Sign In

  1. Open your web browser and go to the official site
  2. Look for a link or button that says “Registration” or “Sign Up” on the website and click on it to navigate to the registration page.
  3. On the registration page, you will be prompted to enter the following details:
    • Preferred Username
    • Full Name
    • Email Address
    • Referral Username (Use “Sambillz” as the referral username)
    • Preferred Password
  4. After filling in all the required information, review your details to ensure accuracy.
  5. Finally, click on the “Create Account” button or any similar button to complete the registration process and become a member of

Please note that website interfaces can change over time, so if you encounter any specific issues or the steps differ slightly from the ones provided, you may need to adapt accordingly to successfully register on the website.

For your information, the website is monetized with popunder ads. So, in the course of trying to register, you may have a few redirections. As such, patiently follow up till your registration is completed successfully.


Members who have accumulated at least ₦4,000 in affiliate earnings can request their affiliate earnings on the 15th of each month. The withdrawal process typically takes 4-8 hours to be completed.

All members with at least ₦7,000 in activity earnings are eligible for withdrawal. Once the request is made, the payment processing time is approximately 8-24 hours.

Making Money for Free?

The earning potential on is directly linked to the time and effort you invest in the platform. Being actively engaged and referring a substantial number of people can lead to significant earnings.

However, it’s essential to bear in mind that is a relatively new platform, and its long-term success is not guaranteed.

As of July 23, 2023, the current highest earner through referrals on is receiving 50,000 per week, while the second top referral earner is receiving 20,000 per week.

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Additionally, the platform conducts regular airtime giveaways, offering participants the chance to win free airtime.

Keep in mind that these figures are subject to change based on the platform’s growth and policies. Always ensure you stay updated with the latest information and terms on the website to make informed decisions about your earnings potential.

Is Superwave Legit?

Superwave has come under suspicion of being a scam for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it lacks any information regarding its founder or CEO, which raises doubts about the legitimacy of the platform.

Additionally, the unrealistic claims of potential earnings add to the skepticism surrounding its credibility. Another concerning aspect is the absence of a physical office address, making it difficult for users to ascertain the company’s actual location and operations.

Furthermore, the lack of any verifiable payment proof raises further doubts about whether users are genuinely receiving their earnings. These glaring red flags not only cast doubt on the platform’s trustworthiness but also raise concerns about its transparency in dealing with users.


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