Topup And Get Reward Review: Is Topupandgetreward Legit?

Topup and Get Reward is a twin of the TDC Mobile Store. You may wonder what that is, but we’ve got you covered. Making money online has never been as easy as it is now because, as technology advances, systems become simpler.

Have you ever considered turning your regular data usage into cash? Have you ever pondered the idea of earning money through your social media friends and followers? Well, we’re here to boost your income potential and link you to a wide array of money-making possibilities.

Our platform operates on a networking system. We’ve created a practical model that allows value points to flow freely within your area of interest. This creates a mutually beneficial situation for all your team members, ensuring everyone wins.

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What Is Topup and Get Reward?

Top Up and Get Reward Ltd. is a company that’s officially registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Currently, we specialize in selling mobile airtime online and distributing it to different mobile networks in Nigeria.

Topup And Get Reward

Since its beginning, the system has had a tradition of giving rewards to its valued members and customers who are part of its network. Topup And Get Reward takes pride in mentioning that it has a valid license from the NCC.

The platform is also in the process of applying for a special VAS shortcode license. This license will enable them to provide additional services on mobile phones through USSD and shortcodes.

These services will include digital and mobile content, as well as the ability to send bulk SMS messages to organizations and businesses, whether they’re part of our extensive network or not.

How Does Topup and Get Reward Work?

Joining our platform is absolutely free! No registration fees are required!

Once you’ve registered, simply log in to your dashboard and begin your transactions. It’s important to note that there are no fees for your transactions at this level until you decide to upgrade your account to one of the available packages.

Set Your Goals

Getting involved means having a desire to achieve, and they’re here to assist you in reaching your goals! Their highly trained professionals are ready to help you set your targets accurately, ensuring you achieve the profit margins you desire for your investments.


Invite 100 subscribers, and we guarantee you’ll receive 40% patronage! Additionally, when you sell your products, you’ll instantly receive rewards along with other fantastic incentives. Keep in mind that the most effective way to sell a product is to be a user of the product yourself.


Build a network by collaborating with your peers, alumni, business groups, churches, mosques, associations, or other social circles. Working together with people you know can enhance your profitability.

How Do I Get Started?

Signing up with us through the “TOPUP AND GET REWARD” platform is the simplest way to enhance your financial opportunities. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll become part of a community with the potential for great financial success! Our matrix structure is designed to allow you to continuously earn.

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Benefits for Upgraded Members

Upgrading is essential to start earning commissions on your transactions and the transactions of your team members.

  • Instant Direct Referral Bonus of 22%
  • Instant Indirect Referral Bonus of 5%

Topup and Get Reward Lifetime Subscription Packages


Pearl Package: N5000

Registration bonus: N500 with 10PV, and you earn commissions for 5 levels.

LEADERSHIP PACKAGE begins here Both active and passive income are available here.

πŸ“˜Coral, ₦10,000 – You get a registration bonus of ₦1,000 and 20PV. ( 6-level EARNING and 1-level PV)

πŸ“—Emerald, ₦20,000 – You get a registration bonus of ₦2,000 and 40PV.( 7-level EARNING and 2-level PV)

πŸ“•Sapphire, ₦30,000 – You get a registration bonus of ₦3,000 and 60PV. (8-level earning and 3-level PV)

πŸ“”Ruby, ₦40,000 – You get a registration bonus of ₦4,000 and 80PV.(9-level EARNINGS and 4-level PV)

πŸ““Diamond, ₦50,000 – You get a registration bonus of ₦5,000 and 100PV.(10-level EARNINGS and 5-level PV)

πŸ““Executive Diamond, ₦100,000 || 10 levels, and 5 level PV – You get a registration bonus of ₦10,000 and 200PV.

♦️The higher the level of your package, the deeper you earn and Grow.

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Benefits of Owning a VTU Portal With Topup and Get Reward 

βœ“ 10% of your franchise fee is paid back to you instantly.

βœ“ 2% On every airtime and Data You Purchase Or Sell To Others

βœ“ 0.5% On Your Cable TV and others 

βœ“ 1% on your electricity Payment and others

βœ“ You will have access to the Topup And Get Reward E-PIN Generator Platform to print paper recharge cards for all networks at various profitable prices.

βœ“ 22% Of Your Directly Registered Partners’ Franchise Fees

βœ“ 5%–1.5% Indirect Registration Bonuses

βœ“ 0.10% Of Your Team Members’ Airtime and data Purchases up to 10 generations

βœ“ PV also accumulates for up to 5 generations.

βœ“ ₦750k Bronze Director @25,000PV

βœ“ ₦5million Gold Director @ 100,000 PV

βœ“ ₦6million Platinum Director @250,000PV

βœ“ ₦10million Star Director @500,000PV

βœ“ ₦120k Monthly Bonus @10,0000PV

All these are obtainable only in TOPUP and GET REWARD in a short period of time. Once you decide to own a VTU portal like mine, that will pay you for life.

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