UBEC Shortlisted Candidates 2024 for Interview: Download List in PDF

UBEC Recruitment Screening Date

UBEC Shortlisted Candidates – The Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) shortlisted candidates 2024 list has been released and this article will provide all the information you need o how to access the UBEC shortlisted candidates list 2024. Please keep reading to gather the complete information.

Please be advised that access to the UBEC List of Shortlisted Candidates for the UBEC screening procedure is absolutely free of charge. As a result, I wrote this fantastic post to assist you in identifying and avoiding scammers online.

In this article, you will also learn about the portal for UBEC Recruitment shortlisted candidates. The purpose of understanding the portal is to allow you to view the shortlisted candidate’s website directly without going via a third party.

We have also attempted to offer you with information on some significant facts about the Universal Basic Education Commission, which are simply summarized below:

The Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) is a Federal Government entity responsible for overseeing all aspects of UBE program implementation.

In 1999, the Federal Government of Nigeria began the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme as a reform program with the goal of extending access to and ensuring the quality of basic education throughout Nigeria.

Is UBEC Shortlist 2024 Out?

For the time being, the UBEC (Universal Basic Education Commission) 2024 Shortlisted Candidate List has not yet been made public. If you want to be the first to know when the UBEC Recruitment shortlisted Candidates list is out, bookmark this page and make sure to subscribe to our email list. Also, remember to follow us on social media. These procedures will keep you at the forefront of people seeking updates and firsthand information about the UBEC shortlisted applicants list 2024. 

UBEC Shortlisted Candidates Portal 2024

The UBEC Recruitment portal for shortlisted candidates remains at https://www.ubec.gov.ng/ or https://fts.admissions.cloud/home. Once the list of shortlisted candidates is revealed, the portal will see a surge in activity.  You must take note of this portal. 


Taking good notice of the portal will undoubtedly help you avoid some scammers who specialize in creating phony recruitment portals that appear like the originals and defraud naïve Nigerians. Please make a note of this essential update.

How to Check UBEC Shortlisted Candidates 2024

All applicants must be patient as they await the list’s publication on the official recruitment website. All successful candidates will get an email from officials of the Universal Basic Education Commission telling them of their achievements. As a result, monitor your email for details on screening sites and Federal Teachers applicants who have been shortlisted.

For updates on the official Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) hiring portal, go to https://www.ubec.gov.ng/ or https://fts.admissions.cloud/home.


We will update this website whenever the list of Federal Teachers Shortlisted Candidates is made public. We encourage you to bookmark or save this page and visit it frequently since we believe the list will be released soon.

Latest News and Update on UBEC Shortlist 2024

If you’ve been shortlisted, you’ve got your foot in the door. And now it’s your turn to shine in the final stage: the interview. However, the interview could take place over the phone, through Skype, or in person. And this is dependent on the employer. When shortlisted, gather facts about the organization and ensure you have clear vision. Try to figure out why you want the specific position. And how you would make a good match. Also, examine your application.

  • Be engaging. This is an interview, not an interrogation. You are more than just your résumé. Consistent practice is crucial. Conduct mock interviews with friends or practice speaking in front of a mirror.
  • It’s unusual, but you can receive an offer letter based on your application. You begin organizing the celebration, but remember these guidelines before you enter into party mode. Put it in writing.
  • •Additionally, thoroughly review the written offer. Also, ensure that all crucial details are provided, and ask clarifying questions if you don’t understand something. Examples include the job description, start date, length, and stipend, among other things.
  • •Once you’ve accepted the offer, send the employer a thank-you note.
  • •Also, send an email confirming your start date and expressing your delight about your new job.

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