Video Editing Skill: Make N50k Per 30 Seconds Video in 2024

Video Editing Skill

Video editing skill is one of the major digital skills in the world you should definitely come to terms with. A lot of young Nigerians would not be involved in Yahoo fraud if they knew how profitable video editing skills are.

As trends erupt, and as technology advancement becomes more appreciated, it’s pertinent that this skill is incorporated into your skills portfolio, as many brands are in dire need of professional video editors who can help them create stunning video commercials for their businesses.

Hence, in this post, we will be showing you a step-by-step process on how to learn video editing skill and monetize it in Nigeria.

What Is a Video Editing Skill?

Video Editing Skill is an expertise by which you change an ordinary video into professional clips suitable for an audience to watch more refined content by adding sound effects and background songs, cutting unwanted parts, trimming, texts, video effects, emojis, stickers, subtitles, overlays, and so on.

From the above definition, you can see the process that makes for video editing, and what editors go through to create one single video.

However, you can generate between N50k – N75k per 30 seconds video you create for companies and brands in Nigeria and abroad. 

How To Get Started With Video Editing Skill

If you want to start making money with video editing as a Nigerian, there are two important steps you must take;

  • Enroll for a training
  • Monetize your video editing skill

#1 Enroll For a Training

The first step you must take if you want to attract clients who are willing to pay you for a video gig, enroll for training.

You can actually get started with either of these options; free training and paid courses

Watch Free Tutorials On YouTube

The first option we can suggest is watching free videos on YouTube. From there, you can establish a foundation in video editing. There are cool videos that will teach you the rudiments or fundamentals.

Get a Premium Video Editing Course

The second and the most preferred option we would advise is paying for a video editing course. One of the reasons we advise people to pay for premium courses is so that they will take the training seriously.

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The cheapest video editing course we would suggest is Smart Video Hackers Club (SVHC) created by Akpove Victory. The most important aspect of the video course is the fact that Victory will show you how to find clients and monetize your video editing skill after being trained.

#2 Monetizing Your Video Editing Skill

1 Fiverr

Fiverr is the largest freelancing website in the world you can take advantage of and promote your skills. All you have to do is create an account, set up your profile, and enrich your portfolio to attract clients fast for free.

2 Upwork

Another major freelancing platform is Upwork. It works just like Fiverr where you can also set up a profile and create a compelling portfolio to entice clients.

3 WhatsApp TV

If you have WhatsApp messenger on your phone, it’s a good way to promote your newly learned skill. By posting or updating your status consistently, you can attract clients to pay you for a gig. You can do this by creating demo videos and uploading them on your WhatsApp status frequently.

4 Facebook

Facebook has a user base of over 2.5 billion. Don’t just use your Facebook account for frivolities but monetize your skill. Post your demo videos and optimize them with hashtags. Give a call to action and clients will locate you.

5 Twitter

Twitter is another social media platform with about 2 billion users. Twitter is popular for hashtags, and with hashtags, your post can go viral.

The purpose of using these platforms is to put yourself out there informing your potential clients that you are available for gigs.



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