What Business Can I Start With 50K In Nigeria? Find Out Now!

What Business Can I Start With 50K?

What Business Can I Start With 50K?: Do you know you can start a business with as low as 50k and earn millions in a few months?

Well, this sentence is almost becoming like a cliche because it has been overly used without effect thereby rendering its genuineness false. Even scammers have used the above sentence to scam people and disappear with their money stretching the reason why people do no longer pay much attention to the above.

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However, this article will intentionally teach you that for as low as 50k, you can start a business, grow it, and have the desired result. You really do not need to have all the big capital, you can start small, nurture its growth and earn big.


The perfume oil business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria because of its global acceptance and daily usage. Since smelling good is as important as food and clothing, perfume has become a necessity. It is used in all parts of the country as its importance has become unavoidable and highly recommendable.

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In today’s society, the more pleasant smell you exude, the more generally likable and acceptable you become.

See Below How You Can Start a Perfume Oil Business With Just 50K Or Less:

#1 Carry Out a Market Survey:

You will need to first meet people who are already selling perfume oils and ask a few important questions you think will help you start yours. Learn the tricks of selling perfume oil without owning a shop because apparently, your 50k will not get you a shop and also buy your products. Ask questions and get the necessary answers.

#2 Find a Source:

By this, I mean to locate a trusted wholesaler that sells in canisters and buys from them. With as low as 30k, you can get perfume oils of different fragrances in canisters and empty bottles for refilling. These may include, 3ml, 6ml, 10ml as they are most widely patronized. With the remaining balance, you can brand your products.

Don’t forget that there’s a high level of competition in the perfume oil business so your uniqueness has to be second to none. Ensure that the quality of your product is topnotch and the packaging is catchy as people are usually always attracted to the physical appearance of a product before checking the content/quality.

For a start, you necessarily do not need to get a shop. You can sell from the comfort of your home. All you need is a smartphone to access the internet.

#3 Market Your Perfumes.

With your smartphone, you can make crazy sales through social media. Ensure to put your product out there to the global world on a daily basis. As a perfume oil vendor, use your oil perfumes on your body as it is a marketing strategy to sell your products.

Moreover, you can supply to malls, supermarkets, and stores. Design a card and fly them out at any opportunity you get. As a starter, once in a while, give discounts to your customers not at your detriment, however, just a little price slash to keep you at the top amidst other sellers.

Conclusively, in as much as starting a perfume oil business in Nigeria with 50k capital is possible, you should also have it at the back of your mind that success will not happen very quickly immediately you begin.

You must give it time because you are just starting out, so people are becoming familiar with you for the first time in person, and the business you are marketing to them. Hence, trust in business is built over time. It will require a lot of patience and tenacity in the long run!

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