What Business Can I Start With N300k In Nigeria?


What Business Can I Start With N300k In Nigeria? You want to start a business, you have to understand that it is not every business that is worth investing money in. You have to nurse the right kind of business idea, learn its market response before starting out.

If you have been wondering how to start a good business that can earn you good profit, read this article.

With 300k, we have lots of businesses you can venture into and with the right kind of energy and resourcefulness, you can earn a good profit.

What Business Can I Start With N300k In Nigeria | 9ja Business Hub

In this article, we’ll be discussing one very lucrative business you can start out with 300k. 

As far as you know how to cut and sew clothes well, you should consider opening a  tailoring shop. To save your capital for the essentials, you can operate out of your residence and spent the money on sewing machines and other necessary equipment, this would afford you the opportunity of employing two or more hands to get the business started and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Alternatively, you could rent a small store in a moderately commercial area. Get some mannequins and dress them up in your best designs and display them and then buy sewing machines.

For a perfect start-up, you’d need the following.

* Get a Shop

A tailoring business could be started on a relatively low budget because you may need to set it up from the comfort of your home to avoid spending money getting a shop. However, with 300k, you can get a shop and buy a machine, and get started.

Subsequently, as the business grows, you may consider getting more pieces of equipment and manpower to help you out.

* Get a Name

Consider making your business more visible by means of giving it a name. Just like naming a young child, you could give it any name of your choice as far as it portrays what you do.

* Get The Necessary Equipment

You would need equipment like a Sewing machine, Generator, Iron, Scissors, materials, linings, thread and needle, table, etc to get started.

* Make Provisions For Quality Branding.

You would most likely get customers when you have created awareness enough. Make adverts about your profession on social media by displaying your quality designs.

As competitive as the tailoring business is, you can still be on top of the game if are competent enough. Look out for trending designs, make them, and display them.

You may also consider creating a social media page for your business.

* Register Your Business

To reach a wider range, and be globally recognized, you’ll need to register your tailoring business with any legal authority. 

Find an experienced person that can help you go through with the legalities involved in registering your business.

* Be Customer Friendly As Well As Maintain a Policy For your Business

If you have employees already, you may need to teach them the policies you have meted out for your business. The customer relationship policy and general impression of your business.

Oftentimes, people are put off totally from patronizing a business because of the behavior of the person rendering the service.

Also, you have to be timely and honest in delivering a job. This is another very vital issue that could either open up your business for clients waiting in queue to patronize you or put them off totally from coming to you or even making referrals.


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