What Business To Start With 500k In Nigeria And Be Profitable?


What Business To Start With 500k In Nigeria? There are businesses one can start with no or little capital. However, there are some others you would need a huge amount to start out with.

What Business To Start With 500k In Nigeria | 9ja Business Hub

With 500k, there are lots of businesses you can start up and make good profits.


This is another very lucrative business that has huge profits depending on the location.

This is so because everybody wears clothes. To this end, there’s a huge possibility that cloth sellers would make a good profit. With 500k, you can set up a Clothing business in a busy area.

With that amount, you can comfortably get a shop and stock it up with goods.

All that is needed is a busy location where there’s a high population. Find one and start up your business.


One can start a mini importation business with 500k. It is one that would have to be set in a physical location. This involves the importation of products from other countries and selling them in your area/locality for profit. 

Before you start a mini importation business, you should carry out adequate research on the business and know the profit that would be gotten from it.

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You may also have to sign up for an online course on mini importation where you can learn the nitty-gritty of the business. There, you will also find useful facts on the type of products to purchase for any area, and how to expand your market.


This business is location-sensitive but highly lucrative. With 500k, you can start up a computer business center. This business would thrive if opened close to an institution, that includes; a university, college of education, polytechnic, or office areas. This is most likely the location sales will happen daily as students, job seekers and office people will patronize.


The barbing salon business is booming in Nigeria and will guarantee you daily income without fail. To start, you will have to train under a professional. 

You could open a barbing saloon on a smaller budget than 500k. 

You have to strive to give your customers the best haircut as it would make them more likely to come back as people want to look good on trimmed hair.

To gain more customers and good profit, you may not need to focus on haircuts only, you can add dying of hairs.


You could set up a renting shop where people get to rent equipment for events. These events could be weddings, burials, church programs, birthdays, Conferences, etc.

With 500k, you could get a shop and buy a few equipment you can lay your hands on. 

It is a booming business because people marry, bury, celebrate and do kinds of stuff almost every day and would almost certainly need places to rent equipment for decoration. You could start out with equipment like chairs, tables, materials for decoration, lighting, etc.

Make accurate research before you start because you would need all the guidance possible to start up this business.

You may also want to start up a renting shop for building materials only where some construction sites and companies could rent building equipment like headpans, wheelbarrows, cement, shovels, etc.


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