Yoti App For Pi Network KYC: Why Yoti Will Likely Be Dumped Sooner

Yoti App For Pi Network KYC: It is very obvious that the Pi Network is gathering momentum to explode massively in less than 2 months from now. If you are not part of this move, you may want to reconsider your decision before you are left behind.

About 2 months ago the Pi Network Core Team announced that they will be launching the KYC to validate genuine profiles and to ensure fraudulent activities and the duality of accounts can be curbed, so as to operate a secured ecosystem in the long run.

As such, without the KYC, your mined Pi Coin will not be transferred to Mainnet when it’s finally live to the public for transactions.

Get started by downloading Pi App on the play store, and registering using “Sambillions” as your referral code. Then make sure you do your KYC when due, and endeavor to mine every 24 hours.

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Yoti App For Pi Network KYC: What You Should Know About Pi Network And Its KYC App And The Value It Will Drive

>> If Pi{π} could achieve creating its KYC App, then Pi KYC will be the largest KYC App in the World ahead of the Yoti KYC App.

>> Many Organisations/Firms Worldwide are using Yoti KYC, but Yoti (the World’s biggest KYC App) only accepts a few documents like Driver’s Licenses, passports & National ID Cards.

>> These few documents Yoti App is accepting became a barrier to Yoti. Because there are many countries out there with different legal documents that Yoti does not accept.

>> For example, Yoti does not accept the Nigerian government-issued National ID Card slip (NIN) and, many more Countries out there with different legal identity documents not acceptable by Yoti (the largest KYC App in the World).


Now, this is one of the wars Pi{π} Network is trying to win in deciding Yoti App For Pi Network KYC.

#1 Firstly, the Pi{π} Network is trying to build the World’s largest economy, which would be powered by the Pi{π} currency and the largest KYC App that will accept any legal documents of any country in the World (can you imagine it?).

This is why it’s taking Pi{π} more time building the KYC App than building the Blockchain itself. (I hope you’re getting it?)

#2 Building the Largest KYC App in the World is not an easy task. This is because every Country in the World has its own rules and regulations that must be strictly followed and if you fail to follow the rules, this may lead to prosecution.

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#3 So, to use Yoti to do KYC, you will have to pay some amount of $ dollars. While to use the Pi App KYC, you will have to pay 1π (which will be shared amongst 4 Validators in the Pi. i.e each Validator will have a share of 0.25π each) that is awesome right?

#4 Now, imagine if Pi achieves the creation of the KYC App, apart from Pi pioneers using the KYC App and paying 1π, that means, billions of people Worldwide will abandon Yoti App and use Pi.
I hope the gist is getting more interesting, now.

#5 And each and every person that uses the Pi KYC App will have to pay in Pi{π} currency (Cryptocurrency). So, imagine how valuable Pi{π} will be soon.

#6 For Example, last year, I did more than 10 KYC (although, I am not the one who makes all the payments to the Crypto project and the company makes the payment in their own pocket).

#7 Now, just look at it in your own way (2 billion people World wide do a KYC 10x in a year and pay with Pi)

#8 Pi{π} Value is Unlimited and the Price is Unpredictable.

What You Don’t Know

  • What most of you don’t know about doing KYC is very much.
  • Do you know that if your KYC documents are leaked out, people can use them to do fraudulent activities online and the owners of the document will end up in prison for a crime he/she knows nothing about?
  • That’s why the Pi Network Core team is trying to make your privacy more secure so that it won’t leak out. I believe the revelation is clearer now.
  • Do you know that to acknowledge a company as a legal company that is not above the law of a country, anybody linked to that company needs to pass through the KYC process (that’s why Bank are asking for legal documents like National ID Cards before they can open an account for you).
  • Furthermore, do you know that any company/project that has to do with finance must do KYC for their users (if you are in any financial project that is not asking for KYC), my dear run for your life!
  • Although Binance started without KYC options for their users as time passed, Binance started requesting KYC and it is compulsory.
  • That means any financial project that is not requesting KYC, may still ask for it in the future (in the future might be tomorrow morning).
  • Many big companies out there are looking for a Universal KYC App (of which is not anywhere right now but Pi Network is creating one already), and you’re waiting for someone to beg you to mine? Gosh! You better wake up from your slumber right away and start mining!

With all that has been stated and analyzed, do you still want Pi{π}, Core Team, to rush the KYC process, or rather, they should take their time to create it in such a way that we can all benefit from it?
Let the answer reside within you.

Only the Value that Pi Network KYC will derive from the Pi ecosystem, will be worth more than $300 Billion in the next 2 to 3 years now.

Pi{π} Value is Unlimited and the Price is Unpredictable as well.

Thanks for taking out the time to read this!

If you have not yet joined the Pi Network, download the Pi App on the play store, register, and use “Sambillions” as the referral code, then thank me later!


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